Why Pregnant Women Can't Sleep Supine?

Why Pregnant Women Can't Sleep Supine?

Why Pregnant Women Can't Sleep Supine?


You who are pregnant, especially after entering the second trimester, may feel less comfortable while sleeping. However, be careful when you try various sleeping positions. Because, sleeping on your back while pregnant turns out to be a danger to the fetus and your own health. How can it be, huh? Check out this article to find out the answer.

Danger to the fetus if the mother sleeps on her back while pregnant

According to an expert on pregnancy and pregnancy from the United States, Dr. Richard Henderson, sleeping on your back while pregnant can endanger the fetus. The reason is, when you lie on your back, the burden from your uterus will slow blood circulation to the heart area. As a result, the heart has difficulty pumping and circulating blood to all parts of the body, including the fetus.

Even though blood is needed by the fetus as a source of oxygen and nutrients. According to a study in New Zealand, this disruption of blood circulation can cause an unstable baby's heartbeat. However, from the studies that have been done, these hazards will generally only emerge after the second trimester.

Risk for the mother if she sleeps on her back while pregnant

Aside from harming your baby, sleeping on your back while pregnant can also pose various risks for you. Some of them are back pain, dizziness, hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids), difficulty breathing, low blood pressure (hypotension), and indigestion.

According to Dr. Richard Henderson, actually occasionally sleeping on your back while pregnant does not pose a serious risk, especially if only a few minutes. Because, during sleep you might unconsciously change position. Sleeping on your back while pregnant will be at high risk if done every night.

The ideal sleeping position for pregnant women

However, to avoid any risk, try to sleep in an ideal position while pregnant. Sleeping sideways to the left is the safest way. With this position, your body and fetus will receive very little pressure compared to other positions such as supine, stomach, or tilted to the right. Because, the burden of the uterus will be moved to your side, not pressing on the stomach, liver, or other body organs. Blood circulation becomes smoother if you sleep on your left side.

Get used to sleeping sideways. By getting used to this position, it's likely that you will change the position of bedtime will become smaller To be more comfortable, you can also prop your stomach with a pillow.

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