Why Men Have Milk Nipples and Their Functions

Why Men Have Milk Nipples and Their Functions

Why Men Have Milk Nipples and Their Functions


Humans are equipped with several body parts with their respective functions to support all their activities. Unlike the sensory devices with their vital uses, some other body parts actually look trivial and seem to be of no use. One that is often questioned is the male nipple.

Well, not infrequently, male nipples are often considered as useless body parts. But it's impossible, right, everything is created without its function? If the woman's nipples function for the lactation or breastfeeding process, then for what, yes, the function of the male nipple? See the full explanation in this article.

Why do men have nipples?

Before knowing the reason why men have breast nipples, it will be explained first how the process of male nipples is formed.

At the time of becoming an embryo, male and female bodies have the same tissue and 'prints'. Actually, all embryos start out as females, that's why the nipples are in both sexes.

Then as the age of the womb increases, there are influences from genes, the Y chromosome, and the testosterone hormone that bring about changes in masculinity in the male embryo. Testosterone increases penis and testicular growth. But because the nipples in the male embryo are there before this process begins, the nipples are still there even though they won't be able to enlarge when they enter puberty later. Well, this is the reason why men have nipples.

So, what is the function of a man's nipple?

Actually, a man's nipple does not have a specific function. Unlike in women whose function is breastfeeding or lactation, nipple function in men is only for body armor. A man's nipples are believed to function to protect the heart and lungs. It is known, nipples will be the first layer of protection of the heart and lungs during an accident so as not to cause severe injuries that can cause failure of organ function and even cause death.

Even so, male nipples actually function as one of the male erotic zones, namely stimulation sensitive zones during sexual intercourse. Dark areas around the nipples known as the areola are known to consist of nerves that are quite sensitive and can bring sexual pleasure. Usually, a woman's nipples can enlarge and become erect when exposed to stimulation, but men's nipples will tighten when they experience orgasm.

Male and breast cancer

Male breasts cannot indeed enlarge like a woman's breasts and nipples. But breasts and nipples in men can also produce milk and have breast cancer.

The level of the estrogen hormone that is usually found in women is also found in a man's body. If certain conditions or diseases affect hormones, the breast tissue in men can grow, which is called gynecomastia. This condition causes male breasts to produce milk or breast milk.

Gynacomastia or abnormal enlargement in the male breast, more often seen in adolescence, the development period when many hormones fluctuate. This is also seen in some men with liver disease and sometimes in alcoholics.

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