Why Does Heat Temperature Damage Sperm? Find out why

Why Does Heat Temperature Damage Sperm? Find out why

Why Does Heat Temperature Damage Sperm? Find out why


According to the World Health Organization or WHO, if a man's sperm is less than 20 million per milliliter, this indicates that there is a problem with his fertility. Sperm count is indeed an important factor to support the success of fertilization. Usually, the normal amount of sperm in a man is 20 million per milliliter.

Sperm which is less than the normal number is called oligospermia, this is one of the causes that is often found in men who have problems with fertility. There are several factors that cause the sperm count to decrease, one of the causes is excessive exposure to heat.

The heat that is meant is certainly not the sun's heat, but rather from the daily habits of a man you often meet. Why can heat damage sperm? See the following article review.

What happens to sperm when exposed to heat?

According to Dr. Yefim R. Sheynkin from the State University of New York, men who have the habit of putting a laptop on his lap right at the base of his groin will risk increasing infertility or infertility. This occurs because the pressure that occurs between the groin and the heat generated from the laptop can shrink the scrotum. The scrotum is a thinning bag (consisting of skin and muscle) that wraps the testicles or testicles.

Research shows a man who sits with a laptop on his lap for 15 minutes, his scrotum temperature will increase 1.8 degrees and will continue to increase to 2.8 degrees after one hour. Why is this important? Because the ideal temperature needed to produce sperm is 3 to 4 degrees below normal body temperature.

Heat will greatly affect the number of sperm, because a one degree increase will reduce sperm count by 40%. Research does not show that sperm damaged due to heat will be permanently damaged. But sperm production will return to normal after 3 months, according to Andreas Jung, a researcher at the University of Giessen in Germany. Then what if you continue to have this bad habit? It could be that your sperm production is not normal.

What you should avoid so that sperm are not damaged

For those of you who plan to have children soon, naturally fertility is the most important thing. Surely you will try to avoid anything that affects your fertility. According to research, a man's fertility affects 30% in couples who find it difficult to have children. Your or your partner's bad habits can be the cause of this problem. The following are sources of heat that you should avoid so that your sperm is not damaged.

  • Avoid putting your laptop on your lap for a long time.
  • Don't take a long time soaking in the bath tub with hot or warm water temperatures.
  • Don't sauna too often.
  • Avoid using clothes that are too tight especially in hot weather.
  • Note the use of your mobile.

Don't forget, you and your partner must also start healthy living habits that can increase fertility.

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