Why Do We Want to Vomit When Feeling Disgusted?

Why Do We Want to Vomit When Feeling Disgusted?

Why Do We Want to Vomit When Feeling Disgusted?


Have you ever seen something dirty until you felt disgust, nausea, and then vomited? You don't need to worry, vomiting is normal and good for you.

Vomiting is not a disease. As described in WebMD, vomiting and nausea are symptoms that indicate other conditions, which may also be a sign that you are sick. Vomiting is the discharge in the stomach due to a certain force. It is associated with nausea and strong contractions in the abdominal muscles. Vomiting is different from regurgitation, aka the rise of the stomach contents into the esophagus without feeling sick and without strong muscle contractions.

What is the connection between disgust and nausea and vomiting?

When you feel disgusted with something and make you feel like vomiting, maybe the nausea is caused because your body has a unique signal that gives a sign that something is dangerous.

Like this disgust for example, which then reacts to you which makes you want to vomit. So about what neuroscientist Richard Clarke said, from University College London as reported by the DailyMail last October.

According to him, the human brain is very great, until the brain receives a picture of something that can be toxic, such as stale food, rotten meat, and other disgusting things, the lower brain sends a signal to the body to coordinate the act of wanting to vomit. /p>

"Vomiting is the body's protective reflex when viewing or ingesting toxins. In addition, vomiting can also reduce the pressure due to blockage or enlargement of the organ that causes pressure on the digestive tract, "Clarke said.

Adam Perkins, a lecturer from King College London, also argues, people who reflexively experience nausea and vomiting when they see something disgusting, usually tend to be stronger to survive. "This means that the areas of the brain in your body that respond to unnatural things work well," he said.

Why are we disgusted?

What's wrong with disgust? Is it really disgust, until you can make us vomit? Quoted by Detik, an expert from the UK's London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Val Curtis, said disgust was a form of preventive measure to protect ourselves from threatening signs, such as disease. Disgust turns out to be good for the body, because it can prevent more severe health problems, such as contracting a virus or germ.

Val Curtis said, when we see things that are dirty, our bodies will feel disgusted. Disgust itself is a nervous response from the brain to the potential threat of bacteria if not avoided.

"Disgust appears before contact with bacteria, preventing the body from getting infected. And the body will usually respond to the disgust with vomiting or nausea, "said Val Curtis.

Although it seems that for lay people to vomit it is unhealthy, we now know that in some cases, vomiting is actually a sign that our body's response is working properly.

But if after vomiting you feel sick or your health condition is not good, it's a good idea to check with your doctor to ascertain the condition.


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