Why Do I Even Become Sick When I'm Holidaying?

Why Do I Even Become Sick When I'm Holidaying?

Why Do I Even Become Sick When I'm Holidaying?


One of the most effective ways to get away from everyday stress is to take a vacation. Domestic or foreign destinations are not a problem of origin according to the budget. But all these rah-rah plans can be broken in an instant when you actually fall sick while on vacation. Duh! What is the cause? In fact, you are fine before the D-day. Find out the answers in this article.

Cause you get sick easily while on vacation

There are various things that can cause you to get sick easily while on vacation, namely:

1. Stress

Stress and fatigue are the main causes of people getting sick easily while traveling. When stressed, the body stimulates the body's immune system to work. If the stress you feel is temporary, this will help your body prevent infection and heal wounds. However, if stress occurs for a long time, the body releases the hormone cortisol which will inhibit histamine release and inflammatory responses to fight foreign substances. Well, it makes it harder for you to fight infections like influenza, the common cold, or other infectious diseases that are encountered while traveling.

2. Sleep deprivation

Everyone needs sleep. Unfortunately, not everyone can get enough sleep to rest their bodies while traveling. In fact, sleep is a way for your body to improve the type of damage (both physical and mental) which ultimately increases your immune system against various diseases.

3. Germ exposure

Airports, terminals, stations and other places that allow you to meet many people are the best places for bacteria, viruses, or parasites to breed. Not to mention the germs that stick to chairs, handrails, or other places waiting to come into contact with your hands. Once the germs stick to your hands, and then you unconsciously touch your face - for example when your nose or eyes itch, the germs can enter the mucosa and can cause infection.

Your risk of getting germs that cause various types of diseases is higher if before your trip your immune system is vulnerable to these agents.

4. Getting drunk

When traveling by car, plane or ship you often experience travel sickness, which is a feeling of nausea, wanting to vomit, feel weak and dizzy without cause. Travel sickness can be caused from the physical side and from the side of the vehicle

From a physical point of view, motion sickness is the body's natural reaction when your vision and hearing move around around during the trip, but your body is in fact just staying in place. As a result your body raises a nausea and dizziness reaction because the part of the brain called the thalamus detects false information from your body.

Whereas from the side of the vehicle, motion sickness can also be triggered by sharp smells and unpleasant smells such as cigarette smoke and vehicle deodorizer. Because during the trip you cannot move or avoid, then the body exposed to the aroma will react to refuse. Body reactions are usually carried out by arousing nausea and dizziness.

5. Jet lag

Jet lag generally occurs after a long trip that crosses several time zones, either by flight or sailing boat. As a result, the body's biological clock does not match the new destination time. The body's biological clock plays a role in moving the circadian rhythm to control the body's systems, from blood pressure, hunger, to your sleep schedule.

Now, because someone who has a biological clock leg has a disturbed body, this brings up symptoms of fatigue, excessive drowsiness, insomnia, difficulty in concentration, and mood swings that make you sick easily on vacation.

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