Why Do Everyone Laugh Different?

Why Do Everyone Laugh Different?

Why Do Everyone Laugh Different?


Why Do Everyone Laugh Different?

People laugh when they witness something that they think is funny. But if you pay attention correctly, everyone's laugh style can be different from each other - there are those who laugh out loud, giggle, chuckle, even some who can laugh freely but don't make a sound at all. The way someone laughs can make him look warm, authoritative, friendly, or just annoying.

Which is your laugh style?

Why is the way everyone laughs can be different?

"Laughter is a mechanism that everyone has, because laughter is part of the universal vocabulary that humans have. There are thousands of languages ​​and hundreds of thousands of dialects in this world, but everyone laughs in almost the same way, "said Robert R. Provine, PhD, a neurobiological behavior expert from the University of Maryland in Baltimore, reported by WebMD.

What triggers laughter is usually things that are spontaneous and uncensored. Laughter is a primitive instinct, a sound reflex that comes out is not realized. "When laughing we emit sounds and express a surge of primitive emotions that originate in our bodies," continued Provine.

Humans can laugh about 30 times more when they are surrounded by other people than when they are alone. Usually people will laugh harder when themselves, and when with friends laugh more as a form of social bonding and sharing shared experiences.

Provine then revealed how the laughter of women and men can even be different. After observing almost 1,200 people randomly in various social environments (malls, campuses, crossings, etc.). He found that women can laugh more often than men.

Provine's findings show women have higher enthusiasm and can laugh 126% more often than the person they are talking to. The opposite of men. Male speakers are more picky to talk to friends to laugh with, and will laugh more when chatting with their male friends than with female listeners.

Why Do Everyone Laugh Different?

People laugh not only because they hear jokes

Funny thing is, the reason people laugh out loud is not to hear jokes that we have always thought. Provine said, "Actually, most laughter is not in response to hearing jokes, anecdotal stories, or other humorous things." Most laughter reflects a pleasant relationship between people, he said.

"Laughter isn't about jokes. If you pay close attention to your daily life, you will laugh, "concluded Provine. Like small talk, laughter plays a rather similar role in social ties, namely to strengthen friendship and attract people into warmth.

The way people laugh will usually be adjusted to the situation and reasons that make it laugh. A person can have more than one style of laughter and this is influenced by many factors, including events in life. Laughter that feels suppressed may indicate self-control or shame, or even just a small talk.

The benefits of laughter for health

Behind the different laugh styles, there are many benefits of laughing. Not only pleasing to the heart, laughter is also beneficial for health.

For example, diligently laughing lowers blood pressure. When you laugh, blood flow from the heart to the whole body will be more smooth and the production of oxygen will also increase in blood circulation. The drop in blood pressure due to laughter while helping protect you from the risk of stroke and heart problems.

During laughter, the brain also increases the production of endorphins which are natural painkillers. Endorphins can also stimulate a happy mood, thus helping ward off stress and negative thoughts.

Thanks to the release of endorphins, laughter is also seen as a good alternative therapy for cancer patients. The effectiveness of laughter therapy is even reported to have an equivalent effect with sedatives for people who have mental disorders, but without the side effects of drugs. Having a sense of humor is believed to be able to help neutralize all negative forms in life that can lead to depression.

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