Why do babies get more often than adults?

Why do babies get more often than adults?

Why do babies get more often than adults?


Even though it's just rolling on a bed, stretching when you wake up always feels good. Often even the stretch you do is not with your subconscious. It feels like it's not complete starting the day without stretching it, right? But did you know that stretching or what you usually call with a grip is also often done by babies?

Why do we get up when we wake up?

Ngulet when you wake up in the morning is always fun to do. Activities that even tend to become an automatic movement become a kind of instinct that you will immediately do. Ngulet also has a variety of benefits, that's why you continue to do it. What are the benefits of learning?

Relaxing muscles and joints

A rigid body after waking up is a problem that often occurs. This stiffness can occur because you have been lying down and activity on the previous day which requires your body to be in the same body position for a long time. This pose causes your body to become stiff and the muscles tighten. So after waking up, you will stretch to relieve the aches that will usually be felt on the neck, back and legs.

Simple stretches when you wake up can help you relax tense muscles, increase body temperature and prepare the body for full day activities. As we get older, the flexibility of the body is also reduced. So, stretching can make the body, especially muscles and joints, flex.

Relieving stress

Several times you may feel so lazy to wake up from sleep because you know that day will be a tiring day. Starting by stretching for about 30 seconds will be able to trigger the release of happy hormones in your body, eventually helping you to let go of your burdensome mind and ready to start the day.

Streamlining blood circulation

When you wake up, your heart rate still beats slowly. Stretching when you wake up will trigger an increase in heart rate to eventually accelerate blood circulation in the body. The speed of blood circulation in circulating good nutrition in the body, can support you to be more uplifted and active all day with better performance.

Why do babies often roll out?

Like most adults, the baby also protrudes, and even a few times you might find the baby also rolling when he sleeps. Parents in some cases still worry when they see their baby sticking too often in their sleep until they wake up or even cry.

This is normal. Babies also need to stretch so that their muscles and joints develop.

In some mother forums, many mothers even told me that their new baby managed to get gas out of the body (farting) after poking. A literature adds that knitting can be a sign that a baby is drowsy. This activity usually starts in the first 3 months of a baby's life. But keep in mind that the development of one baby is different.

When should I be alert?

You should have your baby checked by a doctor if in the first 3 months of your life, your baby is not able to:

  • Open and close his hand.
  • Reach or hold a certain object.
  • Uphold or control his head.
  • Responds to a sound or light.
  • Following the movement of an object with its eyes.

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