Which Should Be Prioritized To Get Your Body Fit: Regular Exercise or Sleep Enough?

Which Should Be Prioritized To Get Your Body Fit: Regular Exercise or Sleep Enough?

Which Should Be Prioritized To Get Your Body Fit: Regular Exercise or Sleep Enough?


Which Should Be Prioritized To Get Your Body Fit: Regular Exercise or Sleep Enough?

Routine exercise and getting enough sleep are two things that are equally important for maintaining a healthy body. But, when you feel tired and sleep deprived, do you still need to get up early to do sports? Maybe you hope the answer is "no". After all, mattresses and warm blankets are more tempting than having to work hard to spend energy for sports. Especially if it's raining outside.

That's why, choosing to go to sleep to get a healthy sleep is fulfilled, or forcing you to wake up to exercise, are two difficult choices. Well, among the two choices, which one should take precedence: exercise or sleep?

Sleep and exercise are as important

If you are told to choose, according to Edward Laskowski, MD, a resident and professor of physical medicine at the Mayo Clinic, sleep and exercise are likened to food and water. Not only needed for the body, but both are very difficult to separate from each other. That is why these two things are a difficult choice.

Cheri Mah, a sleep medicine researcher at Stanford University and the University of California, San Francisco added, if based on many research results, it is known that exercise routines are very important for getting quality sleep, and quality sleep is important for physical performance.

However, Mah said that in essence sleep is the most basic need which is a foundation on which a healthy mind and body are formed. If the foundation is shaken, it will certainly have an impact on your health. Starting from immune function, energy, appetite, mood and so on.

How long is the ideal time every night?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the ideal duration of sleep for adults is around seven to nine hours per night. Kelly Glazer Baron, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and sleep researcher at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University also said the same thing. Night sleep is said to be enough if it is finished up to seven hours, so that it can really help you work and exercise more optimally the next day.

Even according to research conducted by a research team from Northwestern University, people with insomnia who do aerobic exercise regularly are reported to have improved sleep quality and claim not to get tired easily during the day. That is why, if you can sleep seven to eight hours a night then there is no reason not to exercise.

So, how do you get enough sleep and keep on exercising regularly?

From the various studies mentioned above, it is known that the relationship between sleep and exercise is basically inseparable from one another. That's why you still have to try hard to balance the two. How to? Here are some ways you can balance between regular exercise and getting enough sleep.

  • First, try to sacrifice your normal hours of sleep to exercise in the morning, at least two to three days a week. Relax, on other days you can sleep longer, really!
  • If you sleep for less than six hours almost every night, maybe it's time for you to rethink your routine schedule every day. You can see where you will be more efficient in terms of time. For example, sleeping 15 minutes early or reducing your morning routine to 10 minutes to get a little longer sleep time.
  • If you are not the type of person who can get up early, consider stealing during lunch breaks or after returning from work to exercise. You can exercise for at least 40 minutes with moderate intensity three times per week
  • If you are sick, you should put your sleep first and postpone exercise until your condition is truly stable. Because the exercise is too forced or excessive, in addition to further decreasing your body's resistance when sick, it can also cause a decrease in the quality and duration of your sleep.

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