Which Penis Position in Healthier Panties: Up or Down?

Which Penis Position in Healthier Panties: Up or Down?

Which Penis Position in Healthier Panties: Up or Down?


When wearing underwear, most men are faced with a dilemma in determining the position of the penis. The impression is trivial, but incorrectly placing the position of the penis in the panties can cause the penis to bend when erect.

The penis is bent when erect, is it normal?

A penis that is bent when erect is actually a natural thing. This condition is caused by the nature of the human body which is indeed not symmetrical. During an erection, the main blood vessels in the penis enlarge to allow high pressure blood flow to enter and get trapped in the arteries so that the penis tightens.

Where the direction of the penis during erection will depend on the balance between the crus (branch of the penis root) and the shaft of the penis. That is, men who have short penile branches and long penis stems will tend to have erect penis downwards, while those who have long penis branches but short penis stems will have erections that point up or perpendicular. In some cases, the penis can bend left or right.

In a few cases, the penis arch when tightened can be so extreme that it can hurt during penetration - or it may be difficult to erect. This extreme extreme condition of the penis is known as Peyronie's disease. You are more likely to have Peyronie if you have an abnormal gene that is passed down from your parents, has a penile injury during sex or surgery marks, or as a side effect of radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

Until now, there is no strong scientific evidence that the erect position of the penis in the panties can make it permanently bent.

How to determine the position of the penis right inside the pants?

There is no medical research to date that can explain how the position of the penis in the panties is recommended. In principle, there is no right or wrong way to position your penis. The position of the penis in the pants will depend on the habits and personal comfort of each. The position of the penis in the pants, when erect or sluggish, when you move daily will not have much effect on your sexual function.

Some men prefer to place it slightly to the left, others to the right, bend it upward, and some fold it inward. To be more comfortable, maybe you can refer to this guide: Follow the direction of the penis that falls when you lie naked. Your penis will naturally fall to one side naturally. This means that wherever you are lying there is the side where the penis is usually "chosen" when you are dressed. For those of you who are right-handed, maybe the penis will tend to position itself towards the right. The opposite is true for people who are left-handed.

Selection of underwear is more important

In any aspect, your underwear should be made of cotton and should not be too tight. Panties that are too tight can cause irritation to the skin of the penis, a risk factor for the causes of premature ejaculation, also inhibits the productivity of sperm that can interfere with your fertility.

In order for the testicles to produce optimal sperm quality and quantity, the temperature of the testicles must be lower than the core body temperature. If the testicles are warm - the temperature in your underwear is very moist - your testicles are unable to produce enough sperm, so the sperm count is low. Thus, a good panty should allow the penis to be comfortably protected from friction while being able to receive air circulation to prevent buildup of plaque from sweat.

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