What's the Difference between Men and Women's Face Soap?

What's the Difference between Men and Women's Face Soap?

What's the Difference between Men and Women's Face Soap?


What's the Difference between Men and Women's Face Soap?

Have you ever wondered about male and female care products? Why do men have different treatments? You might not be surprised if men have different deodorants and shavers than women, but there are still many questions that people often ask about other care products, especially facial soap. The answer is actually very simple, namely because the skin of men and women is different.

What is the difference between female and male skin?

Men have different skin types than women. Androgen stimulation (testosterone) in men causes an increase in skin thickness by as much as 25% thicker compared to women. In addition, men's skin texture is also harder. Other differences also occur in the level and production of oil on the skin of a man's face. After puberty, the production of sebum (oil) in men will be more than women, it is related to androgen secretion in men. Dr. Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist at Cadogan Cosmetics, explained that men also have more hair follicles and oil glands, so the skin becomes more oily.

Without having to look at age, men have a higher collagen density than women. Because the collagen content is directly related to the signs of skin aging, it can be said that the skin of women is 15 years older than men. However, most men do not care about ultraviolet light, so a 15-year difference in the skin is not visible because of damage to the skin due to UV light.

Face soap for men

As explained above, men's skin is harder so men's skin has a lower level of sensitivity compared to women. Therefore, men do not spend much time on treatment, especially on the face. Many manufacturers design special cleansing soaps to formulate their products for use on the body as well as face, so that men will still be able to protect their faces even without using special facial soap. However, regular shaving can exfoliate the uppermost layer of skin and can cause irritation, so men also need special soap for face.

Men's face soap has several advantages compared to other facial soaps. The soap can help men to shave. Some of them contain exfoliants that can help reduce the occurrence of ingrown hair, and aloe vera that can soften the beard.

Outside the composition that can maintain maintenance of beard and skin hardness, men's facial cleansers contain the same basic ingredients as face soap in general, including compounds of soap, fatty acids and synthetic surfactants which can help dissolve when exposed to water. Men 's facial soap products also usually offer special formulations for dry, oily or sensitive skin, such as other facial soap products.

Face soap for women

After discussing men's facial soap, we know that they have a composition different from other facial soaps. But what about women's face soap?

Women face soap is basically face soap in general because face soap is created specifically for women. They contain standard elements, such as soap compounds, synthetic substances, and fatty acids.

However, because women have more vulnerable skin than men, women should avoid using male care products, because these products are designed for thick and oily skin, so it might be too "hard" for most women's skin and even cause irritation.

Furthermore, research has shown that women will have faster signs of aging, so women should consider cleaning products that have humectants (substances that maintain moisture). The high level of women's investment in skin care causes more products to lead to they, like special anti-aging products, acne, and skin whitening.

According to Georgie Cleeve, founder of OSKIA Skincare, women tend to have more problems with skin discoloration due to estrogen levels on the skin, so women have different levels of concern. The use of special products according to the problem at hand is very important, however, when men also have problems with discoloration, men can use the same products as women's products.


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