What You Can and Cannot Do When You Have Low Back Pain

What You Can and Cannot Do When You Have Low Back Pain

What You Can and Cannot Do When You Have Low Back Pain


Have you ever experienced low back pain? Low back pain or pain in the lower part of the spine or back. The back consists of the arrangement of the spine, discs between vertebrates, spinal cord (nerve function), muscles, and ligaments.

Trauma in this area can cause pain. Pain can last a few days or even occur for a long time. Then, what can and cannot be done when experiencing low back pain?

What you can do to overcome low back pain

1. Give compress

When you experience lower back pain, the first help you can do is compress. By compressing the pain, it will relieve the nerves and muscles that are tense to cause pain.

First, you can compress the affected part for 1 to 2 days, for 20 minutes each session. Why so long? Because this stage is the initial stage of inflammation that needs simple treatment. After the pain begins to subside, then you can use a warm compress on the affected back.

2. Sleep in position and comfortable mattress

Adjust your sleeping position comfortably, place your back in an upright and straight position. Keep your neck, back and lower tailbone parallel, meaning do not use a pillow or support in the head first.

Why are positions and bedding important? Because each type of person is different, according to body structure, body size, and comfort obtained, so it is important in the low back pain recovery period.

3. Take painkillers

If you feel lower back pain that you are experiencing is unbearable, you may take painkillers sold at the pharmacy. This type of drug is indeed needed to eliminate nerve pain in the body. But remember, you cannot use this medicine continuously. You must begin to improve your lifestyle and health, for example by stretching the muscles of the back after you finish exercising.

What should be avoided when low back pain is

1. Don't sit and just sit

If you think low back pain can be cured by resting your body, you are mistaken. Your body, nerves and back muscles need stretching when they are inflamed. Wake up and stretch your body every 20 minutes. Don't forget to stretch your legs and parts of your hands.

2. Eat too much

In fact, eating too much can make low back pain worse. The body that has increased weight, can contribute to symptoms related to the spine, such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, and spinal stenosis.

3. Lift heavy items

As is known, low back pain can be caused by the wrong force, power and position when you lift heavy objects. It is not recommended to lift items too heavy. Even if you are forced to, do it with the position as recommended below:

  • When you want to lift, lift from a short distance
  • Position your elbows to bend, and bend your knees.
  • Lift starts from the foot and rises to the abdominal muscle
  • When an object is in the arms, do not ever spin the body

4. Don't sit in a careless position

If your job requires you to sit and stay for a long period of time, make sure your chair has a straight back, adjust it with the armrests to make it comfortable. Give pads on the lower back. Don't forget to stretch your body every 30 minutes.

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