What is the healthiest and least fat beef?

What is the healthiest and least fat beef?

What is the healthiest and least fat beef?


Although many say that red meat like beef has more saturated fat than white meat, it doesn't mean you shouldn't consume it at all. Beef remains a good source of animal protein. As long as you choose the right part of the meat. So, which piece of beef is the most healthy to consume?

Which piece of beef is the most healthy to eat?

Many avoid beef because it is thought to contain bad fats that can cause chronic illness. But actually, it's okay to use beef as your daily dish, even if you can even eat it on a strict diet. Beef is also rich in various minerals such as iron, zinc, and calcium.

Actually, one medium slice (40 grams) of beef has the same fat content as one piece of fish, which is about 2 grams of fat. However, it depends on which pieces of beef you ate earlier. Because, every part of beef certainly has different fat levels.

Usually, when you shop at supermarkets, you will find various cuts of beef, from those with lots of fat such as fat to non-fat ones at all. Usually, the least fat part of the meat is the gandik or tanjung sapi part. While the fairly fatty part is the samcan or flank part and has inside, for example sirloin.

How to choose beef that isn't much fat

You don't need to memorize the anatomy of the beef part to find out which meat is the least fat. Just pay attention to how much white lines are in the meat. This fat white line is usually called marbling. The more white lines on the meat, the higher the fat content.

In 100 grams of beef that doesn't have much marbling, on average there are less than 5 grams of total fat, 2 grams of saturated fat, and 95 mg of cholesterol. Even so, that doesn't mean that your choice of meat is not fat or fat, so it's fat-free at all, huh! It is better to keep in mind your portion of food so as not to cause the amount of body fat to increase.

How much beef can we consume?

Beef is just another source of protein, chicken or fish. Sources of animal protein should always be there for every big meal. However, you should make a variety of protein dishes to get various nutrients. Because, every food has a different nutrient content.

Also make sure that if you process meat in a healthy way, avoid cooking by frying because it will only add calories to food. So, you should cook your beef pieces by roasting, making soup or sautéing.

When the meat is fried, the oil to be absorbed can be up to 5-8 teaspoons (depending on the size of the meat) which can make calories increase by 250-400 calories.

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