What Happens If Accidentally Swallowing Staples? Is it dangerous?

What Happens If Accidentally Swallowing Staples? Is it dangerous?

What Happens If Accidentally Swallowing Staples? Is it dangerous?


It is not uncommon for the contents of staples to enter into food or drinks as a result of being wrapped and stapled using staples. Sometimes there are those who are immediately aware if the stapes enter the food but many are also unconscious. This of course can make the contents of the staples swallowed. Then, what happens if you swallow the contents of the staples?

What will happen if you swallow the contents of the staples?

Anyone can experience this condition. Most are caused by being careless and careless when using staples or when serving food. The contents of staples are small in size so that they are sometimes not visible to the eyes, which can eventually be swallowed up.

Actually, it's the same as eating food. When ingested the contents of the staples then it will then enter into the digestive tract and be processed like food, until finally it will come out of the body naturally along with feces.

But in some cases, swallowed contents of stapes can be difficult to get out of the body and eventually cause injury on the way to get out of the body. If this happens, you need to consult a doctor. Usually, the doctor will take action according to the causes and circumstances.

What are the signs seen after swallowing a foreign object?

Sometimes, you may not realize you have swallowed a foreign object, such as the contents of a staple, because the size is so small that it tends to be invisible.

However, there are some signs that can be a benchmark that there is a foreign object that is swallowed and blocks the airway which is choking, difficulty breathing, coughing, vomiting, and experiencing wheezing or breathing low.

If the contents of the ingested staples are not trapped in the throat, then this will not cause symptoms. It is likely that it has entered the digestive tract and will come out by itself. Staples or other foreign objects that enter the body will only cause symptoms if they are restrained and cannot get out of the body.

However, if the staples or foreign objects are trapped in the body for quite a long time and without treatment, then this can lead to infection and ultimately cause coughing that produces phlegm, fever, chest pain, and wheezing for a long time .

Tips that can be done after swallowing staples or foreign objects

If you accidentally swallow staples or other foreign objects, try a deliberate cough to remove the staples. But if the staples that enter make it difficult to speak, there are several ways that can be done as a first aid, reported from the Mayo Clinic page.

  • Give 5 blows to the back. Position yourself on the side or behind the person, if he is still a child you can kneel behind him. Then give a blow to the back of the back five times.
  • Give 5 impulses to the stomach the same as before. Then do five times the push or pressure on the abdomen.
  • Alternately, give 5 punches and 5 pushes until staples or foreign objects are no longer blocked in the esophagus.

If the airway is still blocked so that the person has difficulty breathing and cardiac arrest, immediately take emergency care such as breathing assistance (CPR) techniques or seek medical help.

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