Ways to Keep Children Away from the Dangers of Cigarettes and Drugs

Ways to Keep Children Away from the Dangers of Cigarettes and Drugs

Ways to Keep Children Away from the Dangers of Cigarettes and Drugs


Ways to Keep Children Away from the Dangers of Cigarettes and Drugs

Until now, the use of cigarettes and drugs among teenagers was almost unavoidable. Given that everyone can easily get cigarettes and drugs from the surrounding environment. Of course this can make parents worry about this phenomenon that is so limp among teenagers.

Cigarettes and drugs among Indonesian teenagers

Every year, the number of cigarette and drug addicts in Indonesia continues to grow, especially among young people. Based on data from the Ministry of Health, the increase in smokers' prevalence rate from 27 percent in 1995 increased to 36.3 percent in 2013.

It means, if 20 years ago from every 3 Indonesians one of them was a smoker, then today from every 3 Indonesians, 2 of them are smokers.

While based on data from the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), the number of drug users in Indonesia until 2015 reached 5.9 million people. The results of a survey conducted by the BNN also found that the prevalence of drug abuse in special households - boarding or rented environments, in Indonesia was higher than in general households. So this indicates that drug abuse and circulation have its own pockets in the community.

Actually, the level of public knowledge about the dangers of drugs is quite good, it's just an understanding of how drug prevention efforts are still relatively low. Thus, there is a need for more maximal communication, education and information in the aspects of strengthening topics or issues on how to effectively prevent the threat of drugs. This certainly cannot be done only by one of the related agencies, but must work with all parties, especially parents.

How do parents keep children away from cigarettes and drugs?

Parents have the most important role in providing early education related to the dangers of drugs and cigarettes to the child. Here are some steps parents can take to keep children away from cigarettes and drugs.

1. Establish early communication about the dangers of cigarettes and drugs

The best thing parents can do to prevent drug, alcohol and cigarette abuse in children is by communicating early on to the child. Starting when your child is 5 or 6 years old, talk to your child about how this substance is harmful to children. Like explaining the effects on the body, psychological, and even its future.

2. Focus on positive things

Discuss with your child how to take responsible decisions without being affected by peer behavior. In addition, you can do activities that focus on the positive for the child, such as:

  • Never miss an opportunity to praise your child's achievements in order to build his self-esteem.
  • Let your little one be actively involved in sports, clubs, and other activities he likes
  • Don't forget to spend time with your child

3. Examples of good habits

The habit of the child can not be separated from parental behavior that is often done at home. This makes children not infrequently imitate the behavior of parents because children view parents as their figure. If you smoke, chances are that the child has a chance to smoke too. The same is true for consuming alcohol or drugs. Therefore, do positive habits for the child.

4. Apply rules at home

Prohibiting children from using drugs, cigarettes or alcoholic beverages must be a regulation that is applied by the family. The rules made must be specific, consistent and reasonable.

For example, you must explain the consequences of each family member if you break the rules; what are the penalties, how the implementation scheme, and the purpose of the sentence. In addition, don't forget to explain to the child if the rules are fixed and apply anywhere and anytime.

5. Family harmony

The causes of drug, alcohol and cigarette abuse among adolescents are most often due to family disabilities. Therefore, create a harmonious and loving family at home. So this makes the child do not need to look for happiness outside the home - already get an abundance of love and happiness from parents with a pleasant atmosphere at home.

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