Watch Out! Stress Read News Local Election Can Trigger Heart Attack

Watch Out! Stress Read News Local Election Can Trigger Heart Attack

Watch Out! Stress Read News Local Election Can Trigger Heart Attack


Watch Out! Stress Read News Local Election Can Trigger Heart Attack

This election season feels very different from the past. And for anyone who is targeted by racial and religious issues - or even those who suspect the 2017 elections have been rigged (multiple KTPs, red) - the heat of the Indonesian political situation can take its toll.

Yes. Apart from all the differences that are owned, supporters of all paslons actually have one thing in common: an increased risk of heart attack. Wow, how come it can?

Politically charged status on social media can be a serious stressor

A study published in the journal Physiology and Behavior found that individual voting rights experienced an increase in the stress hormone cortisol during the election season. You might blame him for the endless updates of political news from almost all mass media and social media, sometimes confusing details, mushrooming hoaxes, and ongoing inter-candidate disputes.

All of these can trigger a person to be more aggressive and show general stress disorder. Moreover, this cycle of outrage can be prolonged because the preparation for the election round itself is already very complicated, and added with emotional pressure as a result of bombarding subjective views of interactions on various social media.

Dr. Rober Glatter, physician at IGD Lenox Hill Hospital New York and contributor writer Forbes magazine, was quoted from the Washington Post, asking voters to be wary of increasing blood pressure, palpitations, headaches, nausea, anxiety, muscle tension and other stress symptoms, especially in the election period. Wrong, wrong, stress during Pilkada not only makes you fall ill due to a decreased immune system, but also increases your risk of having a heart attack.

Why can political news trigger a heart attack?

Stress and prolonged emotional fatigue have been linked to factors that trigger heart attacks. This is because experiencing stress and anger can increase blood pressure and heart rate, which then changes blood flow and reduces blood supply to the heart. The connection between a heart attack and an emotional disorder remains the same, no matter what risk factors for another heart attack someone has - including diabetes, high blood pressure and being overweight.

Reporting from the Huffington Post, a review study that examined more than 12 thousand heart attack cases from 52 different countries found that severe stress-induced anger and emotional shock were the most frequent factors in the incidence of first heart attacks .

But this does not mean that these factors alone cause a heart attack, but the fact that so many people experience this trigger in the first hour before they have a heart attack are so significant, said study author Andrew Smith , scientist at the Health Research Board Clinical Facility in Ireland.

Whether or not political news related to regional elections can cause anger or other negative emotions to a certain extent to trigger a physiological response will depend on the "threshold" of stress of the person concerned.

For example, do discriminatory calls or bluntly dropped statements based on a particular religion make your blood boil? Depending on how much emotion you feel, the impact may be more than enough to cause a physical reaction that leads to a heart attack, Smith said further.

High emotions are not the only major trigger for a heart attack

Emotional stress and prolonged physical and mental fatigue can be factors that increase blood pressure which usually leads to a heart attack.

However, it is also important to note that the above research is based solely on personal reports - that is, individuals involved in the study determine the definition and threshold of "stress" and "anger" for themselves. The above study only shows that negative emotions or prolonged anger are found to be a potential trigger for a heart attack. Measurements for both can vary greatly, so how much negative emotions to trigger a heart attack must also vary among other people.

Meanwhile, the main and biggest risk factors for the incidence of heart attacks remain unchanged: smoking, poor diet, not regular physical activity /exercise, having high blood pressure, and /or being overweight or obese .

Regardless of whether you have a number of factors triggering the heart attack above, with Pilkada dramas showing no signs of abating, be aware of how severe the election season is that you are emotionally depressed. It doesn't hurt to take a break; occasionally change the topic of reading in the morning paper or hot chat during lunch with other things that are lighter, or close your eyes to issues that only make your heart boil. A number of these simple self-care tricks will be useful in time.

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