Watch out! It turns out vape can explode on your face

Watch out! It turns out vape can explode on your face

Watch out! It turns out vape can explode on your face


Watch out! It turns out vape can explode on your face

Today many people are switching from ordinary cigarettes to electric cigarettes, aka vape. Vaping offers a new way to smoke, there are various kinds of flavors that you can try. These types of cigarettes are produced with the aim that people will slowly stop smoking tobacco, so that for a long time they will get used to not smoking. Even though, in reality it's not that easy.

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Of course we know that nicotine remains in the liquid content used to fill e-cigarette tubes. Nicotine is an addictive substance that makes a person become dependent. When you stop taking nicotine, your body will show physical fitness such as dizziness, nausea, coughing, sore throat, and so on. That is one reason someone has difficulty stopping smoking.

Even though you are still a pro and contra, you still have to be careful when using vape. Maybe, you've heard the news about exploding vape? Right or not?

Is it true that e-cigarettes or vapors can explode?

Everything that is electric definitely requires electricity to operate it. Likewise with vape, electricity is obtained from the battery. You can also charge your vape battery, just like a cellphone. This component is very important, how long you can 'play' with the vape, depending on the type of battery you are using. Long-lasting battery capacity, of course will offer the advantage of playing vape all day.

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The prices offered by vape battery manufacturers vary. Of course, don't just look for cheap ones. You also have to look for good quality. In fact, this vape battery can explode. How can it be?

Yes, what do you expect? Everything that has an electric claim is definitely at risk of exploding or burning. Some explosions are indeed quite severe. Quoted from NBC News, Dr. Anne Wagner from the University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) Burn Center, revealed that her team had handled burns due to e-cigarette explosions. The explosion is quite fatal, some people even need a skin transplant.

When does the vape usually explode?

The battery of an electric cigarette can explode anytime and anywhere. Often, electric cigarettes explode when stored in the user's pants pocket. Some users are not aware of that, so expressed Alexander Shonkwiler, 19, on NBC News.

Not infrequently, vape explodes when you are engrossed in vaping. According to Dr. Elisha Brownson, fellow treatment of burn-critical and trauma at the Seattle Harborview Medical Center, her team has seen tissue injury and damage to the mouth, hands and tendons. The injury occurs because of the explosion itself, and the fire caused afterwards.

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How can vape explode? What's the cause?

Indeed there are many risk factors that can cause an electric cigarette battery to explode, such as careless use, or production failure. An example of careless use is using it too often or allowing the battery to continue to connect to electricity, even though it is fully charged. You can also use the charger incorrectly. Use that is not neat will lead to excessive vape of your vape. There are some manufacturers that do offer protection against excessive heat. However, it does not rule out the possibility that the explosion will still occur.

Own vape batteries are lithium-ion types, this type is good for portable devices. This type of battery is also often used on cellphones. Lithium-ion is quite safe actually, rarely found burning or exploding. However, on vape, lithium-ion has a different structure, which is cylindrical. When the battery seal breaks, the pressure on the cylinder vape increases. Because of battery and container failures, explosions can occur. You need to be careful, temperatures of 10 to 46 degrees Celsius are included in extreme temperatures. You need to know, explosions can occur without warning or signs.

Venkat Viswanathan, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, quoted by NBC News, explained, "Electrolytes in the battery are equivalent to gasoline, so when a short circuit occurs, there is a surge of heat which causes electrolytes to burn. you can do it right, like keep it away from metal objects and keep it away from the sun's heat. "

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