Various Things You Didn't Realize Can Cause Swollen Eyelids

Various Things You Didn't Realize Can Cause Swollen Eyelids

Various Things You Didn't Realize Can Cause Swollen Eyelids


You might panic when you see sudden swollen eyelids. Even though, you don't just cry. Swollen eyelids generally heal quickly, but sometimes it may take a long time. The slow recovery depends on what causes the petals to swell. Then what causes swollen eyelids? Can it be cured quickly?

Various things that make the eyelids swollen

The following are ber, from the lightest to the most severe and must be dealt with quickly:

  • Fatigue . When you feel tired, the eyelids can swell. This condition is caused by a pile of water in the eye area, so that in the morning you see the eyes become swollen.
  • Bintitian . This condition will make the angle of your eyelids enlarge. Bintit is caused by an infection of Staphylococcus aureus which attacks the gland inside the eye. In addition to swelling, your eyes will turn red for some time.
  • Allergy . If the eyelids are swollen with symptoms such as watery eyes and redness, this might be because you are allergic to something. Allergies can be caused by dust or flower pollen that affects the eyes.
  • Conjunctival infection . Infection that occurs in the conjunctival part of the eye is one of them caused by a bacterial infection. Not only makes the eyelids swollen, but if you experience this your eyes will turn red.
  • Clogged tear ducts . This condition is commonly experienced by newborns and toddlers. The obstruction of the tear ducts is caused by infection and can cause pain.
  • Eye cancer . If your eyes are swollen and don't return to normal after some time, don't underestimate it. Because this could be a sign of eye cancer symptoms. But, before concluding, it's better to consult a doctor.

Then, how do you deal with swollen eyelids?

Don't panic when you see the glass and know that the eyelids are swollen. You can do several things as a first-time treatment, namely:

  • Compress the eyes with a towel soaked in cold water.
  • Remove contact lenses if you use them
  • Rest your eyes
  • Use a used tea bag to compress the swollen part of the eye. Caffeine has the ability to reduce swelling.
  • When sleeping, raise your head so that no water builds up around the eyes.

If swollen eyelids are accompanied by symptoms of pain, then the cause might be an infection. Treatment of swollen eyelids due to infection will be carried out depending on the type of infection experienced. Therefore, you should immediately consult a doctor. Also, try to stay away from things that can irritate your eye area, such as makeup and often to wash your face with special face wash soap.

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