Various Easy Ways to Overcome Ingrown Genital Hair

Various Easy Ways to Overcome Ingrown Genital Hair

Various Easy Ways to Overcome Ingrown Genital Hair


The technique of waxing, removing, or shaving the wrong pubic hair can cause hair to grow inward. When this happens, you may see a small lump in the place where the hair is painful or itchy. Sometimes a lump of ingrown hair can also contain pus. How do you overcome ingrown pubic hair problems?

The cause of pubic hair grows into

Pubic hair is thicker, coarser, and tends to be curly than other body parts. Because the texture is more "dense", the wrong way to shave or hurry can risk the razor to trap and grab the hair causing skin irritation. If this happens, the hair follicles can grow misdirected and cause pubic hair to grow in.

Dead skin cells that clog follicles can also trigger hair growth to defect and turn into the skin layer, not out of the skin. Pubic hair that has entered the follicle does not come out again.

The skin tissue then considers the hair as a foreign object that attacks the body, so your immune system will begin the inflammation process. In the end, red bumps that are painful or itchy appear like zits.

How do you deal with pubic hair that grows inward?

In some cases, ingrown hair can be handled alone at home in simple ways.

First, clean the area of ​​the skin where the hair is growing inward with a soft washcloth. Clean with a gentle circular motion. Then with tweezers or sterile pins, just plug the bump head and lift the needle to open the way for pus to get out (imagine you are pushing up). Remember, not squashed from the bottom until the pus comes out.

Stabbing the head of a lump will not cause pain, because you are dealing with dead skin cells. This trick will not cause further damage to the surrounding healthy skin tissue, while avoiding infections and scars.

If the condition of hair grows into a deep and serious condition and cannot be deflated by the method above, you should immediately contact a doctor to get the right treatment. Usually doctors will prescribe medicines that can be used to treat this condition, namely:

  • Steroid creams to reduce inflammation.
  • Creams or drugs taken to treat infections. Antibiotic lotion can be used to treat injured areas due to scratching.
  • Medication that will help remove dead skin cells. This drug can reduce the dark color and thickness of the skin in the area of ​​ingrown hair.
  • Retinoid creams such as tretinoin (Renova, Retin-A) to remove dead skin cells and fade dark patches of skin in areas of ingrown hair. These drugs can cause dry skin. However, do not use retinoid creams if you are pregnant. This drug is harmful to the baby and can cause birth defects.

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