Utilizing Light, New Therapy Proven Effective to Treat Depression

Utilizing Light, New Therapy Proven Effective to Treat Depression

Utilizing Light, New Therapy Proven Effective to Treat Depression


Ever heard of light therapy? Yes, this therapy relies on light that is directly highlighted to certain body parts. In several studies it was mentioned that light therapy is one way to overcome depression, jet lag, and sleep disorders. So, why can light therapy eliminate depression? How do you do that?

Light therapy, a new way to deal with depression

A study published in JAMA Psychiatry, proves that light can be used to eliminate depression. How to deal with depression like this is quite effective, especially if combined with antidepressants.

Actually, this study was conducted in a group of people who experience seasonal mood disorders or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Depressive disorders occur due to the lack of exposure to sunlight during certain seasons, such as cold weather.

Most people with SAD feel better after they use light therapy. This may be because this therapy can replace sun exposure that is not obtained during the weather occurs.

Even experts conclude that light therapy is a more effective way to deal with depression than to do antidepressants. Even so, this study must indeed be reviewed and explored further to obtain stronger evidence.

How to use light therapy to get rid of depression?

How to deal with depression this one might work more effectively when you use it in the morning, when you wake up. But if the doctor advises you to do this therapy, the doctor will schedule when the treatment should be done.

In studies previously known that the body will respond to this therapy in two to four days. However, phototherapy will usually continue for three weeks until the symptoms of depression decrease.

It is unclear how well this therapy works at other times. But light therapy should be done for one to two hours before going to bed at night.

Is light therapy safe to do?

How to deal with depression like this is generally safe and can be done together with other treatments. If depressive symptoms do not improve, or if it becomes worse, immediately contact your doctor or therapist.

The most common side effects of this therapy include tired eyes or impaired vision, headaches, agitation, nausea, and sweating. You can alleviate these side effects by reducing the amount of time you spend under light.

People who are sensitive to the eyes or skin should not use this therapy without consulting a doctor first. Always tell your doctor if you are using alternative therapies or if you are thinking of combining alternative therapies with your conventional medical treatment.

Don't forget to always consult with your doctor regarding your symptoms. The reason is, everyone will need different treatments to eliminate depression.

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