Using Aluminum Foil for Cooking, Is It Safe?

Using Aluminum Foil for Cooking, Is It Safe?

Using Aluminum Foil for Cooking, Is It Safe?


Using Aluminum Foil for Cooking, Is It Safe?

Are you the one who often uses aluminum foil for cooking? How often? Usually aluminum foil is used to bake food so that the heat received by food is evenly distributed and fast food is cooked, or to prevent food from losing moisture when cooked. However, is it safe to use aluminum foil for cooking? Is it harmless?

Aluminum content in food can increase

What is aluminum foil? Aluminum foil is a thin sheet of aluminum metal, thickness less than 0.2 mm. You may use it often for cooking. But be careful, using aluminum foil too often for cooking may not be good for your health.

Research shows that using aluminum foil for cooking can make aluminum into your food. Thus, the aluminum content in food increases.

Actually, some foods contain natural aluminum, as in vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, beans, and dairy products. The aluminum content in this food is obtained from the environment, such as from the soil. However, the aluminum content in these foods is not a problem because only a small portion of aluminum from food is completely absorbed by the body and the rest will be discharged through feces.

However, if you use aluminum foil when cooking food, the aluminum content in food can increase. This depends on:

  • Cooking temperature, cooking at higher temperatures allows aluminum from aluminum foil to enter into food
  • The acidity of food, the more acidic food (such as the presence of tomatoes and lemons) the more likely it is that aluminum interacts with food and enters it
  • Addition of certain ingredients, such as salt and spices, also allows aluminum to enter food.

Is it safe to use aluminum foil for cooking?

If you often use aluminum foil for cooking, the more aluminum content in food enters your body. This is certainly not good. Research has also shown that regular use of aluminum foil while cooking can endanger health. However, many studies also prove that aluminum foil is safe to use.

According to Ghada Bassioni, a professor and head of the chemical division at Ain Shams University, how aluminum can harm your health depends on many factors, such as your overall health and how well your body can handle aluminum buildup in the body.

The World Health Organization or WHO itself agrees that the aluminum content in the body of less than 2 mg per 1 kg body weight per week will not cause health problems. However, most people digest aluminum more than that amount in their bodies.

What if there is too much aluminum in the body?

Even though aluminum may enter your body in small amounts, if it occurs frequently, the accumulation of aluminum in the body can occur in years. This can also have an impact on your health.

A study has found that there is high levels of aluminum in the brain tissue of patients with Alzheimer's. Research also shows that high levels of aluminum in the body are associated with a decrease in the rate of growth of brain cells. However, the exact role of aluminum in the development of Alzheimer's disease has not been confirmed.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States also reports that high levels of aluminum in the body are related to the nervous system, brain, bone disease, and cause the risk of anemia. So, it's important for you to reduce its use.


Using aluminum foil for cooking is still considered safe. Although there may be an increase in aluminum content in food, your body can release a little aluminum absorbed by the body. Even so, it's a good idea to limit the use of aluminum foil to food, not too often. Because, it could be the habit of using aluminum foil causing a buildup of aluminum in the body, which can lead to health problems.

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