Troubled by the same thoughts over and over again? Deal with these 5 tricks right

Troubled by the same thoughts over and over again? Deal with these 5 tricks right

Troubled by the same thoughts over and over again? Deal with these 5 tricks right


Troubled by the same thoughts over and over again? Deal with these 5 tricks right

Whether you realize it or not, you may have thought of one thing over and over, which eventually made you upset and worried. For example, keep in mind whether the office project will be "a goal" even though the plan is indeed immature. Maybe you just worry about being able to pass a thesis or not, huh? Others may not know what is the source of their concern. What they feel is a feeling of helplessness and discomfort because of being haunted by negative thoughts whose origins are not clear. In the psychological world, this condition is called rumination.

Negative things that don't really need to be considered for a long time can trigger stress. So, how do you stop the negative thoughts that keep haunting?

Frequently thinking, it can be a sign of depression

As reported by Psych Central, Susan Noeh Hoeksema, PhD., a professor of psychology at Yale University, revealed that people who have depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, or drug users are often haunted by negative thoughts that don't go lost. A number of these conditions both affect brain function to regulate, process, and feel emotions.

In addition, the American Psychological Association (APA) says there are several reasons why people can constantly think the same thing, namely:

  • Convinced that thinking about something can improve experience about a problem.
  • Ever experienced emotional or physical trauma.
  • Facing stress that cannot be controlled.
  • Have a perfectionist personality or neuroticism.

If not treated, this condition can have a negative impact on mental health. Spending most of the time immersed in negative thoughts interferes with the brain's ability to think clearly and process emotions. This can also aggravate the mental disorders that you experience.

The bad, the more the condition gets worse, you will become increasingly isolated.

Tips for eliminating confusion due to thinking the same thing over and over

Once you get caught up in negative thinking, it's difficult to get out of that condition. So, you should immediately find a way to prevent it from getting worse.

Here are the steps that can help you to eliminate repeated thoughts, such as:

1. Divert

If you realize that you are starting to reflect, look for something that can distract you and your mind. The trick, look around you, don't take too long to decide what choices can distract you and don't let your mind go blank. For example by poking next door friends to chat, playing games on cellphones, watching movies, drawing or scribbling papers, reading books, or choosing to walk outdoors.

2. Make a plan and take action immediately

Troubled by the same thoughts over and over again? Deal with these 5 tricks right

Instead of repeating the same thoughts over and over again, make a plan to overcome them. Think about each step you take to overcome it or take a piece of paper and write your plan. Doing this can disrupt the brain's "intention" to set negative things in your mind and help you get out of the trap.

3. Make mistakes as experiences and lessons

Repeated thoughts that often occur are in the form of fear of mistakes. If you've made a mistake, don't try to ignore those feelings, but don't think too much about it. This can actually trigger negative thoughts to arise continuously.

Remember that every human in this world must have made a mistake in his life. The best thing you can do is move on and make the error experience and lesson.

That way, you can be more calm and think of a solution so that the mind will most likely not appear again.

4. Understand the trigger and try to calm down

Troubled by the same thoughts over and over again? Deal with these 5 tricks right

Every time you relapse, immediately note about the situation you are facing, for example where you are and what time when the negative thought appears? Who is around you, or what are you doing that day?

This note can help you find out the trigger so you can avoid it later.

Calm yourself by looking for a quieter room, regulating deep and slow breathing, and starting to think of something funny or pleasant can reduce the severity of rumination.

5. Change your thinking to be calmer and positive

Simple changes, especially in thinking and addressing a problem can eliminate repetitive thinking. Positive thoughts keep you from anxiety, pessimism, and negative thoughts that can trigger rumination. Take time for you to think, for example doing things that you master and you like.

If you continue to think about it so much that it disturbs the activity, ask for help from the closest person to support and give positive input. Maybe you can consult a psychologist to find a way to control these negative thoughts.

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