Three embarrassing things that often occur during pregnancy

Three embarrassing things that often occur during pregnancy

Three embarrassing things that often occur during pregnancy


Pregnancy is the most extraordinary experience for a married couple. Pregnancy can bring joy, hope, and cause emotional turmoil. During pregnancy, women will experience various changes, both physical and psychological. So don't be surprised if pregnant women are often praised for their glowing skin and bigger breasts.

But, not many people talk about the other side of pregnancy, which is often the thing that tends to be embarrassing. Even you may be too embarrassed to ask an expert (or to a fellow pregnant woman).

Don't worry. We discuss it for you.

Fart and Sendawa

Almost all pregnant women will have excess gas due to a surge of hormones that can make the digestive tract slow. The gas is sometimes very difficult to control because the muscles often cannot work together during pregnancy which can cause you to be able to fart in any place. Upss ...

Although this problem is very difficult to overcome, it doesn't mean it's impossible. You can do light exercise and by consuming the right foods, gas problems in pregnant women can be overcome.

Exercise will help your body continue to increase the motility of the digestive tract, where food will move faster. Some foods that you should avoid include nuts, cauliflower, carbonated drinks, broccoli, and various types of dried fruits. However, foods that produce a lot of gas are still needed during pregnancy.


Constipation is almost certainly experienced by most pregnant women. Constipation and straining when going to defecate are the most common complaints in pregnant women. To reduce the risk of hemorrhoids and avoid constipation, you should still consume lots of water and high fiber foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole-grain cereals, and nuts. Prune juice is also effective at overcoming constipation, you know!

During pregnancy, you can also take fiber supplements that are safe for pregnant women, of course, after consulting your obstetrician. Your doctor may prescribe mild laxatives, such as the Milk of Magnesia. But remember, avoid laxatives!

Constipation is uncomfortable, but not dangerous. So, what's the stress? Indeed, in some cases (very rare), constipation will cause hardening of the stool. Don't worry because the doctor will help you to lift it. It may be painful (and a little embarrassing), but it won't be dangerous for the fetus.

Itchy nipples

Pregnant women certainly experience enlargement in the size of their breasts. This is very reasonable because later you will breastfeed your little one. When your breasts are enlarged, the area of ​​the skin in the enlarged area becomes more sensitive than usual and that is what makes your nipples itchy.

The way to reduce the itching in your nipples is to moisturize. Brush with cocoa butter or vitamin E body lotion after bathing to keep your skin supple and prevent itching. Do not wear clothes made from wool or mixed cashmere. For extra comfort, replace your bra with soft cotton, for example a nursing bra or camisole with foam. Of course it feels uncomfortable, but you have to be willing to sacrifice for just a few months.

If a nipple rash or blood comes out of one or both of your nipples, ask your doctor because it can be a symptom of a bacterial infection or intraductal papilloma, which is not a symptom of cancer. In very rare cases, bloody nipples can also be a sign of breast cancer, so the doctor may confirm this first.


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