This Is Your Danger If Frequency Use Toothpicks After Eating

This Is Your Danger If Frequency Use Toothpicks After Eating

This Is Your Danger If Frequency Use Toothpicks After Eating


One of the habits that many people do after eating is to scrape the leftover food scraps in their teeth with toothpicks. But watch out. Instead of making teeth clean, the habit of using toothpicks after eating is not good for health, you know! See the dangers of toothpicks for dental health below.

What is the danger of toothpicks for health?

Here are some of the dangers of toothpicks that might arise if you use a toothpick to clean food tucked in your teeth.

1. Causes the gums to bleed

When you continue to clean the remaining food between the teeth to remove the portion of food that is left behind, it will cause bleeding in the gum area. Because the sharp toothpick tip can cause a wound in the gum which is the soft tissue in the mouth which is certainly very vulnerable, in fact, if you do this habit often over time it will cause damage to all parts of the tooth.

2. Gum infection

If used only occasionally and in a truly emergency situation, toothpicks may be used and may still be safe. But if you use it almost every time you eat, not only damage the teeth, but also the gums. Well, if it is not treated immediately and handled properly, it can cause severe gum disease. Among other things, inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and periodontics (which occurs when gingivitis is left and has worsened).

3. Space between teeth

The danger is that this is very likely if you often clean food that slips between the same teeth. Eventually this condition will create a larger and wider space between one tooth and the next tooth. Well, this is precisely what will worsen the condition. Because there is a possibility that larger foods can often be involved there because your tooth density has decreased.

4. Decreased gum

Besides being able to make your teeth stretch, in fact the use of toothpicks to clean leftovers will also cause damage to the gums. Exactly can change the position of the gums that will move down from the actual position. If left unchecked, this will cause damage to the root of the tooth as well. If this happens, of course this will cause tremendous pain.

5. Damaging tooth enamel

Unknowingly the habit of using toothpicks can also damage tooth enamel. Dental enamel is the hardest surface of the human body and is also the outermost layer of teeth that protects the underlying tissue consisting of dentine and pulp. Broken tooth enamel causes teeth to change color easily because the enamel is gone and the dentine is exposed to outside air. The edges of the front teeth may also look transparent. In addition, eroded enamel causes sensitive teeth. Using a toothpick to clean your teeth basically is not recommended because it can cause harm to teeth and gums. As an alternative to cleaning food debris on your gums or teeth you can use a toothbrush or rinse with water.

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