This Is The Importance Of Avoiding Pollution When Drinking Antibiotics

This Is The Importance Of Avoiding Pollution When Drinking Antibiotics

This Is The Importance Of Avoiding Pollution When Drinking Antibiotics


This Is The Importance Of Avoiding Pollution When Drinking Antibiotics

A study found that pollution inhibits the action of antibiotics in the body. In fact, pollution can change the effectiveness of antibiotics and even increase the human body's risk of contracting the disease. Let's look at the explanation below.

Pollution inhibits antibiotic work

Bacteria, especially those that often cause infection in human breathing, are directly affected by air contaminated by pollution. The study, published in the journal Environmental Microbiology at Leicester University, states the importance of avoiding pollution while treating infectious diseases. Moreover, infectious diseases in areas with high air pollution levels.

In addition, this study looks at air pollution that affects bacteria that live in the human body, especially in the respiratory tract such as the nose, throat and lungs. Doctor Julie Morrissey, Associate Professor in Microbial Genetics at the University of Leicester's Department of Genetics, stated that this research increased understanding of how air pollution affects human health.

In addition to increasing infection, pollution also inhibits the action of antibiotics when the body is recovering.

Bacteria that are exposed to air pollution become stronger and more immune

Air pollution changes the spread of bacteria which becomes more prevalent in places that previously cannot grow. Air pollution can also affect the way bacteria survive in the human body. Because, changes and mixtures of these chemicals, making bacteria can survive in the respiratory tract, making them more immune from resistance to the human immune system.

According to Dr. Shane Hussey and Dr. Jo Purves, who conducted research on pollution and its effects on antibiotics, for now they focus on two sources of disease bacteria, namely staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus pneumoniae. The two bacteria are increasingly increasing their immunity to the influence of antibiotics. The researchers are now also trying to understand how pollution can be a source of new problems with the spread of disease.

Other causes are also found, namely carbon black from air pollution causes the spread of pathogenic hosts of streptococcus pneumoniae to spread through air that is inhaled into the lower respiratory tract. So don't be surprised if you live in a place where the air pollution is high, you will not only become more susceptible to disease, but also more difficult to cure.

How to prevent the adverse effects of air pollution on health

Now you know the importance of reducing the effects of air pollution. Especially when sick, because pollution inhibits the effect of antibiotic action on the human body. However, in every problem, there is always something that can be done to overcome it. Here are some things you can do to prevent the danger of air pollution in health:

1. Reduce motor vehicle use

One way to reduce the danger of pollution is to minimize motor vehicles. You can participate in supporting a healthy lifestyle and environment. Using more public transportation or cycling alone has become a small effort to keep the air we breathe from the threat of pollution.

2. More selectively using air or gas based materials or products

Without realizing it, the product you use is one of the causes of pollution. When using household products, you must be good at choosing products that are not made from gas because this can contribute to the formation of smoke and air pollution.

Also avoid products that contain low volatile organic compounds. For example, when painting, it is better to paint using watercolors or oil paints than gas (sprayed) paint. Also reduce the use of hairspray, the gas will cause the air to become polluted, and if inhaled to the lungs can reduce immunity.

3. Save energy

Every energy produced by burning fossils or oil will cause dangerous air pollution. You can get around this by saving energy in your home or office. With the reduction in the use of gasoline, natural gas and electricity, you have a role to play in improving healthy air quality.

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