This is the effect on health if you do not take a shower for days

This is the effect on health if you do not take a shower for days

This is the effect on health if you do not take a shower for days


On holidays or when the weather feels cold, you may feel lazy to take a shower. Sometimes, people who are sick are also forced to not bathe for days. Many say that not bathing is dirty and dangerous for health. However, how much influence does a bath have on human health? What will happen if someone doesn't take a shower for days? The experts finally opened their voices about the effect of not bathing on a person's health. Here is the full explanation.

What's the point of taking a bath?

Since childhood, you must have been warned by parents to take a bath twice a day, in the morning and evening. In society, bathing is indeed considered a necessity. Many people believe that bathing can cleanse the body of germs, bacteria, dust, sweat, and oil that sticks to the skin all day.

Aside from cleaning up, showering has many hidden benefits. A number of studies have shown that bathing can help make you more relaxed, sleep better, and keep your mind fresh in the morning.

What happens if you don't take a shower for days

If you are desperate to try not to bathe for days, this is what might happen to your body.

1. Bacterial and fungal buildup

In human skin, there are around 1,000 types of bacteria and 80 types of fungi. This is natural and nothing to worry about. However, if you don't take a shower for days, the number of bacteria and fungi on your skin can rise and spread to all parts of your body. Because the water and bath soap can help control bad bacteria on the skin. Without water and bath soap, bad bacteria that spread can enter the body through the nose, mouth or eyes. This risks causing various types of diseases and infections.

2. Body odor

Don't underestimate the parent's warning that not bathing can make the body smell bad. Because the bacteria that accumulate too much on the skin will produce a kind of gas when these bacteria eat protein and fatty acids from your body. The gas causes body odor.

In addition to bacteria, sweat that sticks to the surface of the skin for days can also make your body smell bad. By bathing, you will clean all bacteria and sweat causing body odor trapped in the skin.

3. Skin irritation and problems

Even though it's not very visible, the hole in the pores on the surface of your skin is a comfortable nest for germs, bad bacteria, dust, oil and dirt. According to Dr. Holly L. Phillips, an internal medicine doctor from New York, blocked pores can cause various skin problems. You become susceptible to irritation, eczema, and bacterial and fungal infections.

How often should a bath be good for health?

Not taking a shower for days can indeed cause health problems. However, experts also warn that frequent bathing can cause dry skin and an unbalanced amount of bacteria on the surface of the skin. According to dermatologists from George Washington University in the United States, Dr. C. Brandon Mitchell, you can take a bath once a day. However, try to keep your bathing distance not too close.

Experts also remind that the number of times you take a bath should be adjusted to your personal activities and cleanliness. If you have a lot of outdoor activities, sweating, and exposure to germs, you can take a bath twice a day.

When taking a bath, make sure you clean all parts of your body, especially in the folds of the skin such as elbows or armpits. Bathing once a day but clean is better than frequent bathing but not thorough.

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