The process of aging in men and women is different, you know. What is the reason?

The process of aging in men and women is different, you know. What is the reason?

The process of aging in men and women is different, you know. What is the reason?


As we get older, men and women are aware of signs of aging in their bodies. Well, do you know if the aging process that occurs in men and women is different? In fact, you can see the difference in aging that occurs in both. However, why is the aging process of men and women different? More details, see the following review.

Causes of different aging processes in men and women

Aging will occur when a person has passed puberty, which is the age range of 20 years. Women usually experience puberty first, which is around the age of 10 to 14 years. While men, experience puberty around the age of 12 to 16 years. The time difference in the onset of puberty allows women to experience further changes to become elderly.

After puberty, inner hormones will continue to change and affect sexual function. One of them is estrogen in women. At menopause, which is around the age of 50 years, the ovaries have stopped producing eggs as well as the hormone estrogen. So, menopausal women will not experience menstruation and cannot have children. Menopausal symptoms include fatigue, dry vagina, and decreased sex drive.

While in men, the hormone testosterone which prevents aging decreases more gradually. The rate drops around one percent every year after a 30-year-old man. The sexual aging phase in men is called andropause. Symptoms include erectile dysfunction (impotence) and decreased sex drive. Unlike women, men who have experienced andropause still produce sperm cells until old age so they can still give offspring.

The process of aging in men and women is different, you know. What is the reason?

Differences in physical aging in men and women that you can observe

The hormonal changes that occur in men and women are different, so the process of aging in both sexes is different. Here are the differences in more detail.

1. Women first show aging on the skin

After menopause, the estrogen hormone is no longer produced. This causes the skin to lose more collagen. Collagen is a protein needed by the body to prevent aging. Because of loss of collagen, the skin becomes wrinkled. This is why women show faster facial wrinkles.

While men still continue to produce testosterone despite having experienced andropause. These hormones keep men's skin tight so that it lasts longer for wrinkles. In addition, men's skin also has denser collagen and the aging process on the skin occurs more slowly.

2. Men lose muscle mass


Reported by the Huffington Post, according to the National Institute of Health, muscle mass loss occurs after the age of 30 years. Men who experience a decrease in testosterone after the age of 30 years will first lose muscle mass. The hormone testosterone which should support the muscles will continue to decrease and the muscle mass will decrease.

Meanwhile, women will experience loss of muscle mass before menopause, which is around the age of 50 years. Loss of muscle mass causes a decrease in body weight. This is also influenced by changes in lifestyle and activities carried out on a daily basis.

3. Men experience baldness first

Hair loss is caused by hormones, genetics, and also age. As you get older, your hair gets thinner and longer. It is estimated that men will experience hair loss until when they are 40 to 50 years old and end up with baldness.

Hair loss is also experienced by older women, but baldness is very rare. Usually the hair will become thinner and more straight after experiencing menopause.

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