The 7 Most Healthy Types of Berries to Eat

The 7 Most Healthy Types of Berries to Eat

The 7 Most Healthy Types of Berries to Eat


The 7 Most Healthy Types of Berries to Eat

For those of you who are on a diet but still want to eat well, try to consume various types of berries. Because the berries generally contain low calories so it won't make you fat fast. Berries are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber that make you feel full longer. So, what are the healthiest types of berries to eat? Continue reading the following reviews, yes!

Berries are good for health

1. Strawberry

The 7 Most Healthy Types of Berries to Eat

Strawberry fruit is one of the easiest types of berries you find in fruit shops. In addition to the price that is quite affordable, strawberries also contain nutrients that are good for health, you know!

Reporting from Verywell, one cup or equivalent to 230 grams of strawberries contains 100 milligrams of vitamin C. This number is almost equivalent to the vitamin C content of oranges with the same dose. Strawberries also contain various other important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, folate, and potassium.

For those of you who are on a diet, eating strawberries every day can help you lose weight. Because, every 230 grams of strawberries only contain 53 calories so it is safe to program your diet.

2. Raspberry

The 7 Most Healthy Types of Berries to Eat

Raspberries are not the type of berries native to the country. However, the presence of this fruit has begun to be in great demand by the community since the development of food trends from western countries.

This one berry appears most often during the summer. For this reason, raspberries tend to be less durable than other types of berries, so they must be eaten or processed into certain sweet dishes.

Judging from the nutritional content, eating 100 grams of raspberry can meet 25 percent calcium, 5 percent magnesium, and 43 percent vitamin C from your daily needs. In addition, the caloric content is not too high, which is only 64 calories for every 230 grams. So, you don't need to fear weight gain after eating lots of raspberries.

3. Blueberry

The 7 Most Healthy Types of Berries to Eat

Blueberries are most often included in the list of super foods rather than other types of berries. This is because blueberries contain rich antioxidants that can help protect body cells from free radical damage.

Not only that, blueberries also contain many important nutrients. Every 100 grams of blueberries contains 84 calories and 4 grams of fiber. In the same amount, you can get 24 percent of vitamin C from daily needs, 36 percent of vitamin K, and 25 percent for manganese.

For those of you who have diabetes, blueberries can be the right choice. Because, blueberries contain low sugar levels compared to other types of berries. Thus, your blood sugar will not rise quickly and actually nourish your heart.

4. Blackcurrant

The 7 Most Healthy Types of Berries to Eat

You may rarely find freshcurrants, because usually black currants on the market are available in dried form. However, black currant is one type of berry that is rich in nutrients, you know!

Black currants contain high potassium, calcium, vitamin C, and fiber. The caloric content is not much different from raspberry, which is 60 calories for every 230 grams of black currants.

In addition, black currants contain many antioxidants and anthocyanins. Both of these compounds can help improve the body's immune system, relieve sore throats and flu symptoms.

5. Blackberry

The 7 Most Healthy Types of Berries to Eat

Blackberry looks like a black raspberry with a larger size. But who would have thought, the taste of this one fruit tends to be more bitter and sharp compared to raspberry fruit.

Blackberry contains a number of vitamins and minerals that are good for the body, including calcium, potassium, and vitamin C. In addition, every 230 grams of blakcberry contains 7 grams of fiber and 60 calories. That is, eating blackberries will make you full for longer without having to be afraid of eating at mealtimes.

Blackberry contains polyphenols, a chemical that can help reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Fiber contained in blackberries can help your digestive system to break down sugar well. As a result, blood sugar levels in the body will remain stable and avoid the risk of type 2 diabetes.

6. Bilberry

The 7 Most Healthy Types of Berries to Eat

Judging from its shape, bilberry is at a glance similar to blueberries. The main difference lies in the end of the fruit. Bilberry fruit does not have a crown shape at the end and has a smaller diameter, which is around 5 to 8 millimeters.

Based on its nutritional content, every 100 grams of bilberry fruit contains 44 calories, 15 milligrams of calcium, and 44 milligrams of vitamin C. Vitamin C in bilberry acts as an antioxidant that can help keep body cells from free radical damage.

In fact, eating bilberry fruit can help improve your visual acuity. Some experts find that bilberry fruit extract can help prevent eye diseases, such as macular degeneration and cataracts. However, further research is still needed to prove the efficacy of bilberry further.

7. Cranberry

The 7 Most Healthy Types of Berries to Eat

Cranberries are a type of berry originating from the northern part of the United States. It tends to be acidic, so if you want to process it into food, you might need to add a little sugar to make it taste sweeter and tastier.

Judging from the nutritional content, every 55 grams of cranberry contains 25 calories, 2 grams of fiber, 5 milligrams of calcium, 44 milligrams of potassium, and 7.7 milligrams of vitamin C. Because the content of vitamin C in cranberries is quite high, eating cranberries can help improve immune system, so you don't get sick easily.

If you have a urinary tract infection problem, it's a good idea to routinely eat cranberries. The reason is, the antioxidant content in cranberries can stop the spread of bacteria in the urinary tract wall, which helps prevent infection.

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