Spinner Fidget Can Help Children With ADHD, Really?

Spinner Fidget Can Help Children With ADHD, Really?

Spinner Fidget Can Help Children With ADHD, Really?


Spinner Fidget Can Help Children With ADHD, Really?

When you're nervous, waiting for something that doesn't come or is bored, what will you do? Just shut up or do something? Usually, when someone or maybe you are silent for a long time, you will unconsciously start moving your body as a sign of being bored /anxious. Or, you will look for something to play, like the tip of a pen or an object near you. And, do you know if the activity is called the term "fidgeting"? Fidgeting is a technique used to help you reduce stress and keep the brain focused on doing something. Well, lately there is a trend of toys called spinner fidget. And, it turns out the benefits of the spinner fidget are very many. Anything?

Benefits of spinner fidget for health

The amount of activity that must be done in a sitting position tends to make the feet barely move. The consequence is, your body will rarely do physical activities that are good for your health. As a result, you will be at risk for weight gain and even diabetes. Sitting too long can also make you lose focus so you will be more easily stressed.

Studies conducted at the University of Leicester show that too long sitting can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and increase death sooner. Even other studies show that too long sitting can cause a sudden and significant decrease in blood flow to the feet which can result in atherosclerosis.

Then, one way to overcome this is to stand up and move because this will help the leg muscles to contract and blood flow to remain stable.

But what about people who can't stand for a long time? How do they reduce the adverse effects of sitting too long and keep them focused? The solution is to move the body - head, hands, feet, etc. - a few minutes, playing with certain tools such as pen, paper, etc., or using "Fidget Spinners".

Fidget spinners are a device with a stable center and a disc with two or three oars that can be spun, such as a ceiling fan. The tool that is rotated between the fingers is initially used for children who experience anxiety, autism, and ADHD.

Fidgeting can help children with ADHD, really?

Certain toys are known to calm children who have sensory processing problems such as austism and ADHD. However, until now there have been no studies that can prove the benefits of spinner fidget for children with ADHD.

After all, treatment of mental illness including autism and ADHD requires comprehensive care. Starting from changes in lifestyle, environment, therapy, to special treatment tailored to the needs.

The study in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology conducted by Rapport et al. 2015 showed that boys with ADHD, when put in a swivel chair and left to rotate, performed better in memory tests. Conversely, children without ADHD actually have worse performance than those who do it without turning the chair.

So, it can be concluded that the impact of playing spinner fidget on everyone - including children with ADHD - is not the same . But Rapport suspects that spinner fidget will not help much because playing fidget spinner does not require rough body movements that can be responsible for increasing activity in the frontal and prefrontal brain areas which play a role in maintaining focus /attention.

Tips for safe spinner fidget played by children

Now, many people are looking for spinner fidget. The shape is small, the sound that is issued, until the color that lights up when playing is unique for the user. The benefits of spinner fidget are also quite a lot. So, it is not surprising that the spinner fidget is now so sought after by many people ranging from small children to adults.

However, parents still need to pay attention to children when playing with spinner fids. Because, children can be at risk of choking on a few small spinner parts.

Parents need to pay attention to age labels, buy spinner fidget in a trusted store to ensure that the tool has passed the test, follow the tips for playing spinner fidget, make sure the spinning battery is locked, and check for damaged parts that can be a danger source of choking children.

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