Psstt ... Don't Make Tattoos When You Are Not Tasty!

Psstt ... Don't Make Tattoos When You Are Not Tasty!

Psstt ... Don't Make Tattoos When You Are Not Tasty!


If you plan to make a tattoo in the near future, make sure your body is in its most primitive condition at the end of the day. Research shows that tattooing the body while in pain may be able to present unwanted side effects after returning from the tattoo site.

Don't make tattoos when you're sick if you don't want to experience this

Psstt ... Don't Make Tattoos When You Are Not Tasty!

According to a report from a study from the Trauma & amp; Orthopedics at the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, England, tattooing when a moderate immune system can increase your risk of getting mycobacterium infection on the skin. This warning was reported in the journal BMJ Case Reports.

This risk is especially suspected of being potentially strong in people who already have certain allergies or who have long-term impaired immunity such as diabetes, HIV and cancer. People who are prescribed certain drugs while still in the recovery process after getting an organ transplant are also included in the category of high risk of experiencing these side effects if they are desperate to make tattoos.

The above study took a case example of a 31-year-old woman who decided to make a tattoo on her thigh while still prescribing an immunosuppressive drug after getting a lung transplant in 2009. At first, she only reported a rash light skin which is a normal and common side effect of tattooing. But nine days later, the woman experienced chronic pain in the left hip, knee, and thighs to interfere with sleep that lasted for months.

Ten months later, he was diagnosed with chronic muscle inflammation characterized by severe muscle pain and weakness. After being examined, the doctor concludes that this condition is caused by negligence to make a tattoo when the body's resistance is not strong enough. After 3 years of treatment, he finally got rid of the pain.

Why is that?

Making a tattoo can be likened to a stress trigger. Your cortisol levels tend to increase sharply while being tattooed because basically the body is "protesting" against the entry of tattoo ink, which incidentally is a foreign object, into the skin. But because from the start you are not fit due to the conditions that you have at that time, your immune system is not strong enough to increase endurance so the risk of side effects of tattoos can increase.

In addition, health experts also suspect that the color of the tattoo ink used may have something to do with the risk of these complications. Especially ink containing heavy metals. Moreover, the distribution, security, and use of tattoo ink are not strictly regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United States and the Indonesian Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has even attracted a large number of permanent tattoo ink products on the market because of reports of many consumers who experience severe allergic reactions or infections after making tattoos.

Consult with a doctor before tattooing the body

Remember that even if you are in good health, making tattoos may still pose a risk of side effects such as skin inflammation or infection. Especially if it's done not by a certified tattoo artist and doesn't use a sterile instrument.

So, you should still consider carefully your decision to tattoo the body, especially if the body is not properly fit or is still undergoing certain medical treatments. Consult further with your doctor before carelessly decorating your body permanently.

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