Psst, This is the Benefits of Gossiping for Health People Rarely Know

Psst, This is the Benefits of Gossiping for Health People Rarely Know

Psst, This is the Benefits of Gossiping for Health People Rarely Know


Psst, This is the Benefits of Gossiping for Health People Rarely Know

The benefits of gossiping are evident, you know. Gossiping is one of the fun activities for some people, especially women. Many people think that gossip is just nonsense chatter that can damage a person's reputation. Indeed, gossiping may be inappropriate. Even very negative, especially when talking about the ugliness of others. But, did you know that gossip has benefits for one's health?

Is there really a benefit of gossiping?

A new study from the University of California, Berkeley, that gossiping has significant physical and psychological benefits. According to the researchers, gossiping is not always bad because it can overcome negative prejudices. This can also help them deal with stress or depression in a more positive way.

According to Robb Willer, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, spreading information about someone you see behaves badly makes you feel better and calms the stress that drives you to gossip. In his research, it was proven that when people see someone behaving badly, their heart rate increases rapidly.

When they then tell or discuss the matter with others, their heart rate starts to return to normal. This is one of the most important health benefits of the habit of gossiping, because it helps eliminate stress and negative thoughts.

Also, by conveying someone's bad behavior to someone else, you indirectly remind others to be careful so that someone's bad behavior does not harm them. For example, when you watch someone having an affair then you gossip with your friend about the affair, you indirectly warn them to think twice if they want to establish a relationship with that person.

Psst, This is the Benefits of Gossiping for Health People Rarely Know

Another example, for example, is that you are stressed because your friend always arrives late even though you need to complete a task that is a shared responsibility. You can tell this to your co-worker to reduce the stress you face while warning your friends to confide in this if they have to go through a project together with "the carpenter".

Gossiping with good friends for yourself, whatever personality you have. According to researchers from the University of Pavia in Italy, gossiping can increase oxytocin levels, or what is called the love hormone. Oxytocin levels increase after someone exchanges gossip, compared to just having a normal conversation.

Researchers from the University of Michigan, prove that a woman is happier and healthier if she enjoys regular chats with female friends because it can increase the hormone progesterone, which can reduce levels of anxiety and stress. This hormone plays an important role in social ties and also makes women more motivated to help others in problems.

Besides being able to reduce stress and increase ties between individuals, gossiping also has the following benefits.

1. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses

The benefit of gossip that is no less important is creating awareness of oneself. When criticizing others, you often reflect, then correct your own mistakes. This has a positive impact on the body and soul of a person.

2. Strengthen friendship network

Gossiping is also socially beneficial because it can create bonds with other people. When gossiping, the soul indirectly becomes healthier because it is free to discuss, talk and laugh, also helps overcome narrow thoughts. In accordance with research, gossiping helps get rid of mental or psychological suffering.

3. Longevity

This is another important benefit of gossiping. By removing negative thoughts from the head, indirectly, your soul is healthier and more affected, the body becomes fitter as well. Gossiping can find a connection between biological mechanisms and human social behavior. This makes someone who has a close relationship with other people happier, healthier and live longer than those who are socially isolated.

But remember, gossiping can only provide benefits if you do have good intentions, namely to vent your feelings (vent) and find solutions so that other people in question can solve the problem. If your goal is to gossip only to make fun of other people, then you will not feel the gossip benefits mentioned above.

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