Prohibition of Sitting Blocking Doors When Pregnant, Not Just Myth

Prohibition of Sitting Blocking Doors When Pregnant, Not Just Myth

Prohibition of Sitting Blocking Doors When Pregnant, Not Just Myth


Maybe this isn't the first time you've heard the prohibition on sitting blocking the door. Since we were kids, our parents may have often told us that girls cannot sit at the door. In fact, sitting blocking the door while pregnant is also one of the taboos. You might think this is just a myth. But, is that correct?

When you are pregnant, some beliefs believe that you are forbidden from sitting blocking the door. Most say that, sitting in the way of your door will make it harder for your baby to be born later, until labor lasts longer. But in fact it's just a myth . No literature or research has been found that supports that sitting blocking the door can make the baby's birth difficult.

But why do you really shouldn't sit blocking the door while pregnant?

Sitting blocking open doors will actually increase your potential to be exposed to airborne diseases, or commonly known as airborne diseases. Especially if one of your family members or someone who lives around you is exposed to the disease. You can get infected even if you just breathe as usual.

Open doors will support the spread of airborne disease, flu viruses for example. When someone who has been exposed to the flu virus sneezes, the back of his throat will produce 40,000 small particles which then fall at speeds of 200 miles /hour. Most of these small particles are smaller than the size of a human hair, so they won't be able to be seen with the 'naked' eye.

When the particle has landed on a surface, the virus will still survive. When particles land on paper material, the virus will still last for several hours while the virus still lasts for several days, when particles land on the surface of plastic, aluminum and the like.

A University of Philadelphia fluid flow observer revealed that opening a door would then cause most of the fallen particles to be driven by the wind and join in when someone passed through the small particles. When the virus is inhaled through the nose, it selects one cell to enter and finally begins the process of multiplying.

The process of multiplying this virus will not immediately infect the human body. A clinical virus expert Julian Tang said that the resistance of the human body has a protection system to deal with these conditions. But unfortunately, getting pregnant is a moment where the mother's endurance is at its lowest position, making mothers vulnerable to disease.

Also, sitting blocking the door also has the potential to make you catch a cold. A practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, Angela Tian Zu, said that, when your body is in top condition, the body has the ability to protect itself from wind, heat and cold temperatures. But it's different from when your immune power is weak. Even a combination of these conditions can cause you to feel a headache.

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