Preparing for Your Adopted Baby's Arrival

Preparing for Your Adopted Baby's Arrival

Preparing for Your Adopted Baby's Arrival


If you adopt a baby, you don't have 9 months of pregnancy to prepare yourself as a parent. Once you are approved, the agency can give you news in a few weeks to a year to find the child that suits you.

Even though you already know when your baby will arrive, it's natural for adopting parents to feel nervous and at the same time excited about future responsibilities. Natural parents will also feel the same nervousness. There are many things you can prepare for your baby's arrival.

What kind of preparation can be made?

Even though you don't know the date of your baby's arrival, you can start looking for baby equipment that you will need. Find out the brand and type of bed and stroller so you can order as soon as you get confirmation from the agency.

You will be tempted to buy baby clothes while waiting for your baby to come, but don't buy too much. You don't know the exact age of your baby and will only fill the closet with unused baby clothes.

Start to make your home safe for your baby. The changes you need to do depend on the age of your baby. You can start by installing a fire alarm.

For new parents, the first few days and months with the baby will be very busy because it adapts to family life. Ask for help from friends or family, such as shopping for necessities at the supermarket or helping with homework. Lightening your home assignments can make it easier for you to focus on your baby.

How do you prepare yourself as a parent?

If you adopt a newborn baby, read information about the birth of a baby so you understand what a natural baby is. Foster parents often feel too happy, so forget to give a break for the baby.

Also read information about adoption. The adoption agency will provide a lot of informational material to help you prepare for the adoption process. Ask other foster parents how they go through the adoption phase. Your agency will also recommend local support groups.

Having baby care skills can also increase your confidence. Take a postnatal class so that you understand the basics of bathing, changing diapers, feeding, and carrying a baby. You can also ask friends who have babies.

Will the baby love me?

Like other relationships, the bond between mother and child takes time. An important thing to remember, for your adopted child, you are a father or mother, a special person who loves, protects, and always cares about his needs.

Don't expect to immediately feel like a mother on the first day. Even the biological mother needs time to adapt to her new role.

Also remember that babies have different personalities. There are some babies who don't show their feelings or don't really like being touched. This has nothing to do with you or your ability to care for a baby.



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