Nothing Luckily Stalking Former! In fact, this is the psychological impact for you.

Nothing Luckily Stalking Former! In fact, this is the psychological impact for you.

Nothing Luckily Stalking Former! In fact, this is the psychological impact for you.


Breaking up is painful, but not the end of everything. After a breakup, you hope you can live as normal again without having to think of ex-lovers. However, sometimes the story of that breakup is as smooth as that.

After breaking up, you tend to be sad to drag on and still think of ex-lovers. You also usually still find out how your ex is now in all kinds of ways. You can't resist the temptation to stalk your ex. Actually this is what will actually worsen your mood. There are still some other effects from your former stalking. Anything?

Stalking the former, the more difficult to move on

The tendency to stalk or spy on ex-girlfriends through social media often arises after breaking up. Every time you open social media, the first thing you do is look at your ex's account. The reason is just to know the news. You think by stalking your ex, you can find out the situation now and not infrequently to see the face of the ex just because you miss. Plus because this habit will not be known by your ex, you are increasingly addicted and can not resist this habit.

However, this habit actually makes you difficult to move on from the former. You will be increasingly difficult to move on if you constantly monitor photos or the latest status. Or worse, you might be tempted to stalk all your ex's movements (and maybe your new girlfriend and friends) on social media. This is a habit that is completely unhealthy. A study conducted in the United Kingdom, proved this negative impact.

The study was conducted on most female students, to analyze Facebook usage. In addition, they were also asked to pay attention to the extent of the process of moving on them after breaking up with their lover. How often do they open and observe the contents of former social media. The study also looked at whether they had new interest in the opposite sex, or just stopped at the ex without any changes.

Nothing Luckily Stalking Former! In fact, this is the psychological impact for you.

Stalking ex, vulnerable to stress and emotions become unstable

The study also measured stress levels out of love, as well as sexual desire and negative feelings towards the former. The indicator of the size of stress used is the level of anger, disappointment, confusion, and hate. The measurement results are then observed for how much change in life is due to a breakup.

The results show that the level of stress of people who like stalking ex will be higher, have greater negative thoughts, always miss their ex-lovers and lower personality development. Seeing or spying on ex through social media can be linked to the slow rate of emotional recovery and personality development due to a breakup.

Stop stalking the former, should you delete it from your friends list on social media?

Avoiding contact and information about ex-lovers, both real and online may be the best way to cure a broken heart. To overcome sadness and heartache due to a breakup, you don't have to permanently delete it from your friends list on your social media.

However, as much as possible hold yourself to not check your ex account too often. Don't every time you open social media, you open an account. Use your social media well and wisely, no need to overdo it.

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