Lump on the Penis, Is It Dangerous?

Lump on the Penis, Is It Dangerous?

Lump on the Penis, Is It Dangerous?


Lump on the Penis, Is It Dangerous?

It's natural to worry when you find warts or bumps on the penis that you believe never existed.

It is important to remember that the skin of the penis actually looks bumpy and hilly, so you might only describe the condition of a normal penis on a typical day. But sometimes, these skin findings can be similar to lumps caused by sexually transmitted diseases.

Lump on the penis: which one is normal, which one is dangerous?

If you have never had sex, one or two white bumps that appear on the shaft of the penis may be ordinary pimples, ingrown hair, or benign cysts as a result of irritation from shaving, skin rubbing against the cloth clothes, or allergic reactions to new shampoo, soap or lubricants. This is harmless and not contagious, you don't need to worry.

A slightly protruding penile skin surface can indicate pearly penile papules, often appearing as small "pearl" spots or flesh-colored dome-like protrusions that form around a circle penis head. Or, if these small bumps are yellowish white (a sign of the presence of a hair follicle), a lump in the penis like this often indicates Fordyce spots. Fordyce spots and PPP are another normal and harmless penile skin condition, often found in the majority of adult men.

If you have just had sex or masturbation, you might notice a lump in the penis. Hard swelling of the penile shaft after sexual activity is called lymphocele. This lump occurs when the lymph nodes in the penis are temporarily blocked. Lymph is a transparent fluid that is part of the immune system. This swelling will immediately deflate and not cause permanent problems.

However, it is very possible that a lump in the penis is a sign of a more serious problem. Lumps in the penis may be a sign of herpes type 2 - the most common sexually transmitted disease that produces painful reddish lumps on the penis or skin in the genital area, and can have a crusty appearance. HPV (human papillomavirus) or genital warts can also appear as a lump in the penis (poking or flat), white or flesh-like, and usually does not itch or is accompanied by a heat sensation. A lump in the penis can also be a result of the molluscum contagiosum virus, one family with the smallpox virus, and appears as a group of white-eyed protrusions. Infectious sex may not cause a lump in the penis, but this infection risks your health (as well as your partner) if it is not treated immediately.

What should I do if I find a lump on the penis?

Acne, cysts, ingrown hair, and papules will not cause harm - provided you don't try to squeeze it if you don't want to deal with skin infections that can be troublesome and leave scars. You can clean the skin of the penis that has problems with warm water and mild soap, but avoid rubbing the skin hard, because the skin in the genital area is very sensitive and rubbing hard can cause problems such as rashes or irritation.

To be sure, you can now sit quietly sigh and get rid of the fear of a lump in the penis as a possible cancer. Penile cancer is one of the most rare types of genital cancer, so it is less likely that a lump on your penis indicates a symptom of cancer.

If you are worried about warts and lumps on your penis, consult a doctor or the nearest reproductive health clinic in your area. Don't feel afraid or ashamed to consult a doctor, because it is the duty of health professionals to treat any of your complaints and they have been trained to do so in secret.


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