Laughter Benefits for Health: From Heart Health to Mental Health

Laughter Benefits for Health: From Heart Health to Mental Health

Laughter Benefits for Health: From Heart Health to Mental Health


Have you laughed today? If the old saying goes, "laugh before being banned." Although only figurative words, but did you know that there are actually many laughing benefits for health? Not only good for mental, but also physical health. So, what can you get if you laugh often?

Various laugh benefits for heart, mental and physical health

The benefits of laughing have actually been proven in various studies. Not only makes the heart happy, but laughter can indeed make you healthier, why?

1. The heart becomes healthier

When you laugh, your body naturally secretes endorphins called happy hormones. Well, this hormone will affect blood flow when produced by the body.

A study that has been done, states that laughter also makes your blood flow more smoothly. The smooth flow of blood is caused by dilated blood vessels. In fact, the study also proved that the benefits of laughing at the heart are almost the same as the benefits of doing aerobic exercise.

2. Laughing often makes you forget about stress

It's not possible to laugh suddenly when you're stressed and depressed. However, you can actually provoke yourself to laugh, for example by reading or watching funny things.

That way, you will be forgotten by the stress, pressure, and depression that you experienced at that time. Because the happy hormone produced by the body, it will appear a sense of calm and peace. So, your stress can be reduced.

3. Laughter can also protect the body from disease attacks

Actually, when you laugh, there are many body responses that occur. One of them is to increase your immune system.

So, laughter can stimulate the production of white blood cells that function as the body's main force in fighting disease. These white blood cells will be a barrier to bacteria and germs that want to enter and infect the body.

4. Relieve pain

Laughter can also relieve the pain you experience. The benefits of laughing this time have been proven in several studies, one of which is a study conducted by researchers from Switzerland, which proves that laughing 20 minutes can increase the body's tolerance to pain.

Again, this is because when you laugh you produce endorphins, which make the muscles relax and relax naturally. This makes the pain that you feel finally decreases.

You need to laugh, but you don't want to do it? Try this method

Of course, not every time you can laugh freely. Moreover, if you are experiencing things that are less pleasant. However, once again, this is precisely what you will help you to overcome the obstacles that are being faced. At least, after laughing, you won't be tense anymore.

It's not difficult, how to make it easy for you to laugh even if you don't want to:

  • Read books or watch funny movies.
  • Spend time with friends.
  • Take time for yourself.

So, have you laughed today?

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