Knowing DHT, Baldness Trigger Hormone: Do You Have It?

Knowing DHT, Baldness Trigger Hormone: Do You Have It?

Knowing DHT, Baldness Trigger Hormone: Do You Have It?


When a man gets older, one of the problems that arises is starting to experience baldness. Baldness can make a man become less confident with his appearance. So to prevent this, many men use hair care products to stimulate their hair growth again. However, do you know what triggers baldness? One of them turns out to be the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

What is the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT)?

Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is an androgen hormone or hormone that triggers the development of male characteristics, such as chest hair growth, heavy sounds, and increased muscle mass. This hormone is produced by converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone by the help of certain enzymes.

About 10% of testosterone in both male and female bodies is converted to dihydrotestosterone. Where, at puberty the amount changed may be much higher to support changes that occur at puberty. The hormone DHT has a stronger effect than testosterone.

What is the function of the DHT hormone in the body?

The hormone DHT has started working on the body since the time of the fetus. During fetal development, the DHT hormone plays a role in penile and prostate development. Furthermore, DHT plays a role in changes that occur in men in early puberty.

DHT triggers the penis and male prostate to develop as they enter puberty. In addition, this hormone also stimulates pubic hair growth and the male body.

In women, the DHT hormone is also found but its role is not well known. Some studies show the hormone DHT can cause pubic hair growth at puberty in women.

How can the DHT hormone trigger baldness?

The hormone DHT actually plays an important role in the body. Without the presence of this hormone, pubic hair, armpit hair, and beard hair cannot grow. However, the presence of this hormone also seems to be a problem for some people.

A study found that follicles from a bald scalp contained higher levels of DHT than the DHT hormone in the scalp that is not bald. Some researchers believe that the pattern of male baldness in some individuals is caused by a genetically displaced susceptibility to normal androgen levels (especially DHT).

There are several ways that might make the effects of DHT hormone greater in some individuals so that it can be a trigger for baldness, such as:

  • Increased DHT hormone receptors in the hair follicles in the head
  • Increases the production of the DHT hormone in its place of origin
  • An increase in the sensitivity of the androgen receptor
  • There is an increase in testosterone which acts as a precursor to the hormone DHT
  • Increased DHT hormone produced by the body in other places

Even though women have lower levels of DHT than men, even normal levels of DHT can cause hair loss which can lead to baldness in women. This is because some women are relatively sensitive to this hormone.

Yes, the imbalance of DHT levels in male and female bodies can cause baldness. Hormones work in the best way in balance, including the DHT hormone.

The more testosterone that is converted into DHT by the body, the greater your risk of baldness. DHT is the enemy of hair follicles in your head. DHT can shrink hair follicles in the head, so that healthy hair is impossible to survive. As a result, this causes hair loss. So, even though baldness is affected by the hormone testosterone in the body, DHT can be considered the main cause of baldness.

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