Is Nail Gel Polish Safe for Pregnant Women?

Is Nail Gel Polish Safe for Pregnant Women?

Is Nail Gel Polish Safe for Pregnant Women?


The use of gel-textured nail polish is safe for use by pregnant women, as long as you remain careful when applying and removing this type of nail polish.

Gel nail polish is applied in the form of gel or liquid using ultraviolet (UV) lights, brushes, or chemical sprays on top of the gel.

The main chemical in gel nail polish is methacrylate monomer. Methacrylate monomers are divided into various types, most of which are very safe to use, except methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA). MMA must not be used by women at all, pregnant or not.

MMA can cause irritation to the skin, eyes and lungs, and can trigger an allergic reaction. The use of MMA has been banned in many states in America even though until now, MMA is still widely found in England.

Although it's prohibited, there are still many nail salons that use gel nail polish containing MMA because the prices tend to be cheaper than the recommended products. Before deciding to apply gel nail polish, choose a nail salon that offers safe products. Check the chemicals in the nail polish to be used. Salon staff will certainly be happy to explain their products.

When applied to nails, this paint gives off a sharp smell. As a result, you may feel nauseous, especially if you experience morning sickness. Therefore, make sure the room has good air circulation or wait until you feel better before undergoing semen pedi treatment.

During pregnancy, the skin tends to be more sensitive. That means, your skin is at risk of experiencing reaction to gel nail polish or fungal or bacterial infections around the nails. If you are concerned about the risk of a reaction or infection, choose a product with natural ingredients.

Unlike acrylic nail polish, gel nail polish must be removed by soaking or filing. If you choose the method of soaking nails, the chemicals used are acetone. Acetone is also used to remove ordinary nail polish but its use is slightly different. Nails must be wrapped with acetone for up to 20 minutes to remove the sticky gel nail polish.

Because information about the safety of gel nails for pregnant women is limited, keep caution and follow these tips:

  • Use gel nail polish to taste. Better, use ordinary nail polish or let the nails look healthy naturally in the treatment pause.
  • Ask the salon staff to use acetone in the shortest possible time
  • Check indoor air circulation
  • If you remove gel nail polish yourself, stick the cotton soaked in acetone on the nail instead of soaking your finger in a bowl of acetone. This will reduce skin contact with chemicals.
  • Wash hands thoroughly to remove chemical residues

If you work at a nail salon, you will automatically be exposed to chemicals in gel nail polish and acetone every day. The sharp smell of nail polish can make you feel unwell. In more severe cases, exposure to chemicals can increase the risk of miscarriage and a disabled baby. If you are worried about your health, discuss with the salon manager about health and safety and personal safety at work.

If you run your own nail salon business, ask your colleague to take part in your work when you are pregnant. Before applying or removing gel nail polish, take precautions as follows:

  • Use a mask and rubber gloves
  • Perform nail care procedures near the window
  • Give a pause to rest with a breath of fresh air


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