Is Kinesio Tape Effective in Overcoming Sports Injuries?

Is Kinesio Tape Effective in Overcoming Sports Injuries?

Is Kinesio Tape Effective in Overcoming Sports Injuries?


If you've ever watched a sporting match and seen athletes running around with colorful plaster sticking to your body, you might be wondering what the function of the tape is.

For example soccer stars like Cristiano Ronaldo or Robin van Persie are often seen wearing this tool when competing. This tool is commonly used in the thighs, although it does not rule out the possibility of being used in other body parts.

Items that also resemble patches are kinesiology tape or can be called kinesio tape. Actually, what are the benefits of kinesio tape for these athletes?

Overview of kinesio tape

The kinesio taping method was originally developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase in Japan in the 1970s to heal the body tissues or muscles of an athlete who suffered trauma or injury while exercising.

Unfortunately, the initial findings of Dr. Kaze is known to have actually reduced a series of athletes' body movements, not supporting the fascia (muscle part), even in certain circumstances it actually inhibits the healing process of traumatized body tissue.

Therefore, Dr. Kaze continued to perfect kinesio tape as an elastic adhesive that also has good air circulation ability when used. This improved tool was finally first known to the world community when it began to be used at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Since then, kinesio tape has become more popular to use

How it works and benefits of kinesio tape

Kinesio tape is believed to be able to restore the neuromuscular system as usual, relieve pain during exercise, accelerate recovery of injuries at joint locations, to overcome inflammation under the skin.

Besides having amazing benefits, kinesio tape also offers convenience to use. Made from 100 percent cotton and a combination of free latex ingredients, kinesio tape can make your movements more flexible.

Another advantage of this kinesio tape is its ability to glue well, even if it is wet from sweat or water sports. That way this tool can be used in various fields of sports.

The pros and cons of the benefits of kinesio tape

Many health experts doubt the benefits of kinesio tape because of the lack of scientific evidence that can prove that this tool is able to overcome injury. According to John Brewer, head of sports at the University of Bedfordshire in England, kinesio tape only has a placebo effect. The athletes who wear it feel better because they believe that kinesio tape makes it better. The benefits of kinesio are still uncertain by the medical world. Even so, there is no risk in its use.

The right way to use kinesio tape is to be effective

First, clean the skin in the problem area with clean water. Remove the kinesio adhesive paper and paste it on the skin. For those of you who are new users, try to keep the skin condition not in an irritated condition.

For professional athletes, the use of this tool itself is generally placed on the part of the body that is the foundation of your energy. According to the type of sport being played.

More clearly, the following will explain the steps for using the right kinesio tape.

  1. Before taping your kinesio tape, make sure your skin must be free of oil or water.
  2. Make sure you have used kinesio taping 1 hour before doing sports, bathing, or other activities that cause sweat and are close to water. This is so that the tape is sticky right on your skin.
  3. You should avoid using too tight to avoid irritation to the skin.
  4. After the plaster is attached to the affected part of the body, kinesio insulation must be continuously rubbed with the hand so that the glue can stick properly. Don't use other tools, such as hairdryers.
  5. This tool plaster can be used for approximately three to five days.

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