Is it true that smartphones make our intelligence less?

Is it true that smartphones make our intelligence less?

Is it true that smartphones make our intelligence less?


In a fast-paced era and technology that continues to grow, we are increasingly "sticky" with gadgets to support life, get information, and other needs. One of them is a smartphone, a gadget that can be said to be really difficult to take it off from the grasp.

Smartphones really help make it easier for us to get a lot of information and do things that were complicated. To find information about this, now we just have to browse the internet. Without realizing it, over time smartphones make us lazy to think and even we are controlled by our own smartphone! Wow,

In a recent study, smartphones were said to affect the workings of the brain, besides making us lazy. In fact, it also reduces intelligence.

This research was conducted by Gordon Pennycook from the psychology department of the University of Waterloo in Canada. From his research, he showed evidence that supports the relationship between smartphone users and decreased intelligence.

"But whether smartphones really reduce intelligence or not is still a question that needs further research in the future," Gordon said as quoted by

The study, which was finally published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, explained that researchers assessed the thinking style of 660 people using smartphones. The researchers compared their analytical and intuitive thinking. People who intuitively show that they tend to use instincts and instincts when making decisions. Then, analytical thinkers produce more ideas and ideas to solve problems.

The results of these studies show that intuitive thinkers often use their smartphones to find various information through the search engines they have. They are more active and prefer smartphones to look for information rather than recalling the memory in their brain and repeating it.

Author and researcher Nathaniel Barr also said, years of research have shown that people are eager to avoid putting effort or effort while solving problems, and it appears that people will often use their smartphones as additional "thoughts". /p>

Too lazy to think about solving problems can be a serious consequence for your brain as you get older, say the researchers.

"Our trust in smartphones and other devices will continue to increase over time," Barr said.

Still according to Barr, nowadays we are very difficult to release the smartphone from our hands, so we are dependent. Maybe we will find it difficult to live without a smartphone, even though we ourselves know that dependency makes our intelligence decrease.

Yes, maybe one of them is to use our smartphone wisely. Although it's easy to get all the answers just by peeping at our smartphone, it's good to start now, if you know you can search or recall the answer, challenge yourself to answer it yourself without the help of a gadget.


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