Is it true that Multi Masking Techniques Effectively Overcome All Kinds of Skin Problems?

Is it true that Multi Masking Techniques Effectively Overcome All Kinds of Skin Problems?

Is it true that Multi Masking Techniques Effectively Overcome All Kinds of Skin Problems?


For many people, doing facial skin care is an obligation. The reason is, the more you age, the skin will lose its elasticity and nutrition. The routine of a face mask is one way to nourish the skin. Now there is a new trend to use various masks in one application. This new trend is called multi masking. What are the benefits of multi masking for skin beauty? See in this article.

What is multi masking?

Multi masking is a technique to apply several types of masks at the same time to different areas of the face, to overcome various skin problems in all areas of the face. The facial skin itself does have a different texture in some areas. Some people may have an oily nose but the skin around the cheeks is dry. There also have dry skin types but have pimples and blackheads on the forehead or nose. Each of these problems has a different solution, that's why the facial masks used are different.

Well, the technique of combining different types of face masks requires its own expertise. Of course you have to know what your facial skin problems are in specific areas.

Types of multi masking based on skin type and problem

Here are four multi masking combinations that you can try to help overcome various skin problems according to your skin type.

Mask 1: Combined skin (oily and dry)

Well, if you have a combination of oily skin types in the T-zone area (nose, chin, forehead) but in the dry cheek area, you should use a number of mask products to suit your skin's needs.

For dry skin areas, use a mask containing a high moisturizer, and for oily areas choose a mask containing salicylic acid, clay or charcoal.

Mask 2: Sensitive and irritated skin

Many women experience reddish irritation only on the cheek area while other facial areas tend to be normal without problems. To overcome this, use a mask that has calming effects such as chamomile and aloe vera which has anti-inflammatory substances so that it can help eliminate irritation in the cheek area. Then, use a nutritious mask in the T-zone area to keep your other skin area smooth and healthy.

Mask 3: Dull skin and smooth lines

Fine lines, large eye bags, and dull skin are signs of premature aging due to lack of sleep or due to environmental factors. To overcome this skin problem, you need a mask that can stimulate the regeneration of skin cells so that the skin becomes bright. In addition, you also need a mask that can moisturize so that your skin can get tight again.

You can try a mask with vitamin C content because this type of mask is very good for brightening the skin area and tightening the skin for the eye area and cheeks that have fine lines.

Mask 4: Skin tired from stress

Now, for those of you who want to deal with dull, rough and dry skin due to stress, you can try using a mask that has high antioxidants and hyaluronic acid in the area of ​​dry and rough skin. Then if you have a problem with acne scars, try using a mask containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to fade acne blemishes.

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