Is it true that Eyelash Extension can make original eyelashes fall out?

Is it true that Eyelash Extension can make original eyelashes fall out?

Is it true that Eyelash Extension can make original eyelashes fall out?


Eyelash extensions are the choice of many women as a quick way to get thick, plump eyelashes. But the myth, the risk of eyelash extensions can make the original eyelashes fall out. Is that true?

How do you install eyelash extensions?

First, you need to know how to process eyelash extensions. Initially, therapy will cover your eyes with fine tape, useful for forcing the eyes to remain closed during work.

After that, the lashes are cleaned and the therapist is ready to put eyelashes together one by one. The therapist will use special long eyelashes, then the tip of synthetic eyelashes will be dipped on special adhesive or glue. Then, synthetic eyelashes will be attached to your original lashes.

While separating the other lashes, the therapist will use tweezers with other hands so that the lashes that you want to put on do not stick with the others. Usually around 50 to 70 percent of false eyelashes are installed, according to the thickness and thickness you want. After the installation is complete, the eye patch will be released. Bulum will be given a serum for the amplifier so it doesn't fall out quickly.

The risk of eyelash extension makes the original eyelashes fall out?

The biggest myth that often blows when installing eyelash extensions is that it can make the original eyelashes fall out. According to some beauticians, the risk of eyelash extension is not correct.

Work on lashes that are correct according to the procedure with quality materials and carried out by therapists who have been certified using hygienic pairs of equipment will not make the original eyelashes fall out.

Make sure not to rub your eyes, tug at the extension lashes, or touch the eye area intentionally. This is what can cause damage to the roots of the lashes.

Tips before and after installing eyelashes

1. First check the therapist's track record and installation place

Before deciding on a place to beautify your lashes, find as much information as you can about the place to attach the lashes. Pay attention to the testimonials, types, or brand of lashes that will be used. Also find out the certification and legality of the place of business.

2. Observe the process

Different therapists, different places, the process is different. Observe how to install the correct lashes. Usually the synthetic bride eyelashes will be attached to one piece of the original eyelash. If the workmanship process makes 1 piece of synthetic eyelashes then sticks to several original eyes at once, avoid installing it in a place like that.

The reason is that your natural lashes should continue to grow, and you don't have to glue the glue to some other lashes at once. Incorrect work like this can make the original eyelashes fall out.

Also make sure the synthetic lashes and the tools used by your therapist are all sterile.

3. Take care and keep lashes

A good eyelash extension usually only falls 1 to 5 weeks. If there is more than that, then you may hesitate. It is recommended to clean the lashes using a special eyelash comb.

This is to ensure that there is no dust or residual make up attached to synthetic eyelashes. Also avoid pulling or twisting lashes. In addition to damaging the original lashes, this can also make the age of eyelash extensions not last long.

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