Is it Safe to Use Deodorant Every Day?

Is it Safe to Use Deodorant Every Day?

Is it Safe to Use Deodorant Every Day?


Is it Safe to Use Deodorant Every Day?

Many people use deodorant as a way to deal with body odor. Not only that, deodorants also function as a perfume that turns the body more fragrant. That is why, now various scents are created to make people more interested and comfortable wearing them. However, is it safe to use deodorant every day? Read on to find out the answer.

What's the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant?

Before knowing the safety of using deodorant every day, it's good to know the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants first so they don't get the wrong perception. Because, of the many body fragrance products, antiperspirant or deodorant labels always appear. Both can indeed keep the body feeling fresh even though you sweat a lot. However, in fact antiperspirants and deodorants have different functions. Unfortunately, this is often not realized by consumers.

In order for you to better understand the needs and use of the product to be effective, know the difference between the two. The easiest way to remember the difference is that antiperspirants inhibit perspiration, while deodorant functions to prevent body odor.

Antiperspirants use strong chemicals or astringents that clog or block pores to prevent the release of sweat in the armpit. Most of the antiperspirants contain chemicals such as aluminum or zirconium to block pores. The active ingredient of aluminum chloride forms a gel-like plug that clogs the pores and makes you free of sweat.

While deodorants work by preventing bacteria from developing in sweaty parts of the body. A chemical called triclosan makes the underarm skin too acidic so it prevents the growth of bacteria that causes unpleasant body odor.

Then, is it safe to use deodorant every day?

So far many people have said that the use of large amounts of long-term deodorants can lead to diseases such as breast cancer. However, in fact some studies have not found scientific evidence on this matter. One of them is in the National Cancer Institute study, which states that there is no significant relationship between the use of deodorants and cancer.

Besides cancer, another disease that is often associated with the use of deodorants is Alzheimer's. Similar to cancer, until now there has not been any scientific evidence to prove this rumor.

Even so, that doesn't mean you are recommended to use lots of deodorants. In fact, the use of deodorant is not something that is mandatory, especially if your activity is not crowded and there is not much sweat production. In humid tropical conditions and easy sweating deodorant is used by those who will be doing a lot of daily activities and sweating.

Basically the use of deodorants is adjusted to the activities you do. So, if you are required to use deodorant every day, you should be able to ascertain if your skin condition is not experiencing problems. Because, some substances contained in deodorants may be able to trigger skin irritation. If after using deodorant you feel itchy around the armpit skin, redness, or even experience black armpits, this is a sign that your underarm skin is irritated and should be treated.

Using deodorant turns out to be more effective at night

Most people generally use deodorant in the morning or before activity. In fact, using deodorant should be done at night, namely before bed. Experts rate this method more effectively than you use deodorant in the morning after taking a shower. The reason is, at night, your body temperature is cooler, which means you will sweat less than during the day.

Even if you fall asleep, the sweat glands will absorb more active antiperspirant ingredients so they can prevent body odor and reduce the production of sweat on the next day. Whereas if you use deodorant in the morning, then the chemicals contained in the deodorant will only block sweat in the outer skin layer. So that you still allow to experience body odor and excessive sweating in the armpit, especially if you are an active person. For that, it will be more effective to use night deodorant.

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