Is it safe for Eyelash Growers (Latisse)?

Is it safe for Eyelash Growers (Latisse)?

Is it safe for Eyelash Growers (Latisse)?



Having thick and plump eyelashes is the dream of almost all women. Various methods are used to get the desired results. Starting from simple things like using mascara every day, eyelash extensions, to using eyelash growers that can be purchased online. However, is this last method safe?

What is the medicine for eyelash growth?

Eyelash growth drugs marketed through the Latisse trademark generally contain 0.03% bimatoprost dosage, which is also contained in glaucoma drugs.

This eyelash-growing drug has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Association) in 2008, but its use actually requires a doctor's prescription.

How do you use it?

The first step to take is to clean the face from dirt and makeup, and remove contact lenses if you wear them.

Afterwards, apply the medicine to grow latisse lashes on the upper lashes using a special applicator that has been provided in the product box as much as once a day every night. Each applicator may only be used once to prevent eye infections.

Medication does not need to be applied to the lower lashes because your natural eye blinking will help to apply the rest of the medicine.

Latisse takes about two months from the first use to produce thicker, tighter, and longer lashes. The results will look best when the drug is used regularly every night. If the desired effect has been obtained, generally the use of drugs can be reduced to every two days.

Who can use this medicine?

Latisse contains a dose of medical medication, therefore the use of this drug requires a special prescription from a doctor. Bimatoprost is said to be quite safe when used in accordance with recommended use and regular control regularly during drug use. In general, bimatoprost drugs may be used if you are over 18 years of age and are not breastfeeding or pregnant.

Used carelessly, there may be some side effects that can arise from its use. In some people, this drug can cause red eyes, irritation in the eyelid area, as well as changes in the color of the petals to become more black. These three side effects will disappear when you stop using the drug.

As for those of you who have natural blue eyes, for the side effects of these eyelash-growing drugs can make your iris turn brownish permanently.

The use of drugs to grow latisse lashes should be done more carefully if you have eye health problems, such as glaucoma and eye infections. Therefore, see an ophthalmologist before buying drugs at an online store because eye examinations are important and to get the best results.

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