Is It Really Diligent to Eat Pineapple Can Make Sperm Be Sweet?

Is It Really Diligent to Eat Pineapple Can Make Sperm Be Sweet?

Is It Really Diligent to Eat Pineapple Can Make Sperm Be Sweet?


In some cases, many people say that sperm taste is unpleasant, tends to be tasteless and even fishy. But there are also many people who claim that the taste of sperm is sweet after eating pineapple. Is this true or just a myth? See the explanation below.

What does sperm taste like?

Fishy or not sperm taste affects not only when swallowing sperm, but it may also affect male confidence. You don't want to, don't you, if your wife thinks your sperm smells fishy? Then is it true that eating pineapple can make sperm sweeter?

All you need to remember is that semen is a collection of various nutrients including fructose, sodium, protein, vitamins, various minerals and other nutritional enzymes. Because of these enzymes and minerals, the basic taste of sperm will be slightly warm and salty. Some say that the sperm foam taste is sweet even though it doesn't really taste, but others say it tastes tasteless. But generally, the taste of sperm also varies in men, considering it depends on what he eats.

Can certain foods like pineapple affect sperm taste?

In fact, all fluids released from the body such as sweat, saliva, vaginal fluid, and semen, will be affected by what you eat, and how your lifestyle. So, eating certain foods regularly can affect the taste of your body's secretions, including semen.

However, of course this does not mean that after you eat pineapple, your sperm will immediately become sweet. Changes in new taste will occur after you consume pineapple regularly for some time.

Other foods that make sperm taste sweet

Until now there have been no scientific studies that support evidence that certain foods can change the taste of sperm. However, there are some foods that are included in this list, based on the recognition and experience of many people. And the researchers agreed that men should consume more of this food, not to improve sperm taste, but to improve overall body health.

Foods that can improve the taste of sperm other than pineapple are apples. While foods that are thought to make sperm taste and aroma worse are red meat, milk, fried foods, coffee, asparagus, and cigarettes.

Another way to make your semen less fishy is actually quite easy, namely by hydrating aka drinking enough water, and maintaining a healthy diet full of vegetables and fruit.

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