How to sleep soundly with a husband when the content is large

How to sleep soundly with a husband when the content is large

How to sleep soundly with a husband when the content is large


Feeling comfortable on a bed might be one of the biggest challenges during pregnancy. It's getting harder because your stomach is getting bigger during the second and third trimesters.

Sharing a bed with your partner, who also tries to sleep comfortably, can be more troublesome.

You may wake him or disturb his sleep because you experience cramps or need to stretch your legs. Read the following tips that help you both sleep better:

1. Sleep on a king size bed

If you can afford it and have space, buy a bigger bed so you can stretch your body more freely. This bed will also be useful if you plan to sleep with your baby after he is born.

2. Buy a new mattress

If the mattress is loose or squeaky, then it's time to buy a new mattress. Sleep experts recommend that you change the mattress every 7-8 years so you can sleep well.

3. For two beds

Long pillows placed in the middle of the bed as a barrier may help you both feel comfortable on one side. Another tip is to buy an extra blanket, so you don't have to fight over the blanket at midnight.

4. Solve snoring problems

If one of you snores, the solution might be to sleep in a separate bed. If you don't have one more bedroom, have your partner sleep in the family room for a few nights. This is only temporary to help you both sleep.

If sleeping separately is not an option, ear plugs with wax or silicone can really help cover snoring. However, using ear plugs may cause swelling in the outer ear. To help prevent it, keep both ears and ear plugs clean and dry. If the ear feels itchy and you think you might be allergic or sensitive to ear plugs, seek advice from a general practitioner.

5. Take a nap

If you suffer from a sleep disorder at night, try taking a nap if you can.

It's better to sleep at night at the same time. However, if you really can't sleep at night, try sleeping 1-2 hours before your partner sleeps. You will be able to have space to change your sleeping position.

If you have started maternity leave, you can rest after your partner goes to work. However, remember that this might make it harder for you to sleep at night.


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