How to check your own cholesterol at home?

How to check your own cholesterol at home?

How to check your own cholesterol at home?


Cholesterol levels should also be checked regularly, especially if you have a history of certain chronic diseases. If so, having a cholesterol check device at home can be very helpful. There are several cholesterol test kits at home that can be used alone without the assistance of a doctor or nurse. However, is the cholesterol check tool at home accurate? how to use this cholesterol test kit?

Is the home cholesterol test accurate?

With a cholesterol test, you will be easier to monitor cholesterol levels without having to go to the doctor. This cholesterol test tool can also give results in minutes.

The accuracy of the cholesterol tool will vary depending on the brand used. This is also affected by how well you follow the procedure for using the tool.

Reported on the MD Web page, basically this home cholesterol checker has an accuracy value of at least 95%. This is quite accurate, but checking a cholesterol test with this practical tool should not replace the routine cholesterol test that you really need at a health center or hospital.

Because, to determine a health condition, it cannot be solely from the results of this cholesterol test. Other tests are needed by health workers at the puskesmas or hospital.

For example, seen physical condition, or other laboratory measurements. In addition, this practical test usually only shows total cholesterol levels, not LDL and HDL.

How do you use a cholesterol check tool at home?

You can now get a cholesterol test kit at a medical supply store or pharmacy. In general, when buying a cholesterol test you will get a lancet for removing blood, and a test strip.

There are two types of cholesterol check tools at home, paper method tools and electronic meter methods.

First you clean your fingers using alcohol. Then, prick your fingertips with the lancet. Next, put blood drops on the strip.

In the paper cholesterol check tool, this test strip has special chemical substances that can change color in a few minutes.

Pay attention to the last color shown by the test strip, then match the color list contained in the packaging of your cholesterol test kit. That color will show how much cholesterol is based on your blood droplets.

On an electronic cholesterol test kit, the difference is that you have to attach the test strip to a small electronic device measuring cholesterol. From the tool that will read how much your cholesterol level. This tool is similar to a glucose test device that is usually used by diabetics to control blood sugar.

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