How long does sex usually last?

How long does sex usually last?

How long does sex usually last?


How long does sex usually last?

Sometimes, fiery lovemaking sessions can last like forever. At other times, sex can occur in just a moment. With these conditions, many people wonder how long the duration of sex is normal. To find out more about the normal length of sex activity, then see the details below.

How long is the average sex according to the study?

Dr. Brendan Zietsch, a psychologist from the University of Queensland, has sought to find answers to this question. In a The Conversation article, he examined a recent study and found that the duration of sex can last from 33 seconds to 44 minutes, with an average of 5.4 minutes. This number is taken from the most duration of each couple having sex.

According to information reported from, studies have estimated the average time needed for ejaculation for the majority of people, involving 500 couples from around the world. They were asked to have sex for a period of four weeks while using a stopwatch. Participants are required to press the start button when starting to penetrate, and press the stop button when ejaculating.

And the results are very surprising, because the lowest and highest time differences are very contrast, which ranges from 33 seconds to 44 minutes. This difference reaches 80 times! Some people believe condoms can make them lose their erections because they eliminate all sensitivity and feelings. But interestingly, research shows that condom use does not affect the duration of sex.

Even so, a 2015 study found that heterosexual men aged 18-24 years, who said that condoms were an erectile barrier, were more likely to suffer from general erectile dysfunction, whether they used condoms or not. Meanwhile, the country of origin also does not affect the duration of sex, except for couples from Turkey. They have a much shorter duration of sex (3.7 minutes) compared to partners in other countries.

Why does the standard duration of sex vary for each pair?

Actually there are no official rules regarding how long sex must last. The duration of sex varies from partner to partner, and can also depend on many factors, such as:

  • Personal choice. Some couples want fast sex, but there are other couples who like to do it at a slower pace.
  • Situations. Young, busy parents are more likely to have short intimate relationships because they don't have much time. While couples who relax on weekends can spend all day in bed.
  • Age and health. People who are no longer young sometimes need more time to become aroused and reach orgasm.
  • Definition of sex for them. If the couple defines sex as an activity that spends time on the penis-vaginal relationship, then sex will only last a few minutes. However, if activities such as foreplay and other sexual activities, such as massage, oral sex, and others are also counted, it can take even longer.

Should you have sex for a long time?

As an evolutionary researcher, Zietsch wondered why sex must last for a long time. All sex requires achievement, which is to enter sperm into the vagina. What's wrong with sex? Instead of sliding the penis in and out of the vagina hundreds of times per sex session, why not do it once, ejaculate, and then go through the day with other activities?

Before you say, 'because it's fun', remember that evolution doesn't care about that pleasure. Sex is basically "designed" to be fun so that it can help our ancestors reproduce and produce future generations. For example, even though we like to eat, we don't chew every meal for five minutes just to make it last longer.

Zietch suspects that the shape of the penis can affect the duration of sex in bed. In a 2003 study, using artificial vagina, artificial penis, and artificial sperm (corn syrup), researchers found that the ridge around the penis head was able to secrete "syrup" that was already present in the vagina. In other words, men pushing repeatedly while having sex can function to replace another man's sperm before he ejaculates. This ensures their sperm is the first to have the opportunity to reach the egg.

"Incidentally, this could explain also why it would be painful for men if they continued to push after ejaculation, because that would make them risk throwing their own urine," Zietsch wrote. So, how long is the normal duration of sex? There is no "normal" word for it, because enjoyment cannot be measured.


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