How long does Foreplay take before sex?

How long does Foreplay take before sex?

How long does Foreplay take before sex?


How long does Foreplay take before sex?

Foreplay is warming up before sex which is done with a series of intimate and sensual activities to build the passion of both partners. Foreplay is generally done by whispering naughty seduction, hugging, caressing, kissing, giving hickey, oral sex, to rubbing each other's genitals. Simply put, foreplay is an "appetizer" for both to enjoy before entering the main course. However, how long, is it the ideal foreplay time? Flirting is too short, it feels really awkward, but if it's too long it's also afraid to be boring.

The time foreplay needed by men and women varies greatly

Actually, the longer you and your partner spend time making out before actually penetrating, the better. Longer time foreplay can help women feel more excited, and ultimately help to reach climax.

"A woman's body takes longer than men to build the stimuli needed to reach orgasm," said Dr. Westheimer, EdD, psychosexual therapist, professor at New York University, and at the same time a lecturer at Yale and Princeton University, reported by FOX News.

Because, every stimulus received by the body will be read by the brain as a pleasure. The more intense and the longer the stimulus, the more intense your next sexual experience will be.

As reported by Psychology Today, the ideal foreplay time is at least 15 minutes so that the couple is really aroused and ready to proceed to the next session.

The longer the time men and women spend on foreplay, the more steady and achieved orgasm they will experience. This happens when their bodies are both ready, and their passion is indeed awakened to maximum sex.

What should you do during foreplay?

Fast sex can be challenging and exciting. However, if you want to give a more satisfying end result for you and your partner, of course the exciting moment of foreplay is the weapon.

It's not just fingering or exploring the body. You can do foreplay in various ways. Here are tips to increase the time of foreplay that you can try, as reported by Women 's Health.

1. Flirt with words

Foreplay does not have to start with a touch of stimulating and stimulating, you can try the easy way by teasing couples. It might not have occurred to you before, but this can increase libido with each other, you know. Eliminate shyness, let go of your mind, and spill into words to trigger your partner to be passionate about you.

The example of his speech is, "Oh dear, if you wear this shirt, it makes me want to stay longer with you, huh" or, "You really smell good, I like to smell perfume in your body". Thus, this can add to the partner's confidence, while increasing the surge in love desire.

2. Touch

After foreplay is done through intimate, intriguing speech, now is the time for your body in action. Don't rush to immediately touch the intimate part of your partner. Start calmly, with a subtle touch of heart.

For example, you can try holding the partner's hand, then gently wiping the head, and try to kiss the partner gently too. Target the points of stimulation of the partner's body such as in the neck, face, chest, even between the two thighs. Undoubtedly, your foreplay will feel satisfying to get to the stage of pleasant sex penetration.

3. Oral

After doing the above methods, you can continue with the oral session. However, do not rush.

Start with a kiss that begins to spread to other parts of the body. Try to explore your partner's body more deeply. Now you can start to the oral stage, which is using the mouth as a means of satisfying the couple during the foreplay.

Start kissing around the stimulating parts above. You can also play the intimate part of your partner using your mouth. Remember, do this softly to keep the mood and desire to make love go up. then tease the intimate part with your fingers, while giving a soft kiss.

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