Here's the Right Order Using Night Facial Products

Here's the Right Order Using Night Facial Products

Here's the Right Order Using Night Facial Products


Here's the Right Order Using Night Facial Products

A good night's sleep is not only able to maintain physical fitness and mental health, but it is also beneficial for skin beauty. You really can wake up in the morning to be greeted with skin that looks healthier, supple, and glowing hue - if you know how to order the right night skincare

According to researchers at the University of California-Irvine, new skin cells grow faster when you sleep, so a good night skincare routine should be your top priority. Nighttime skin care aims to repair any damage to skin cells due to pollution, sun radiation, and stress during the day, and to moisturize the skin because you lose more body fluids from the skin while you sleep.

Beauty experts from all over the world agree that there is a definite sequence of steps in how to treat the skin at night to maximize its benefits. Curious, where to start after washing your face: serum, exfoliate, or facial moisturizer? Continue to scroll down to find out.

Order to do night skincare

Do skincare step-by-step the night below after you clean the rest of the makeup and the dirt that sticks.

1. Exfoliate

Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer, said that the first step you should do after cleaning the rest of the makeup is exfoliation. This serves to strip all remaining dirt and dead cells that make it easier to work the soap cleanser later to penetrate the skin layer, for a more efficient facial washing.

Exfoliation does not need to be done every day, just once a week . If you have sensitive or sensitive skin, twice a week may be too often and can cause skin irritation. On the other hand, if you live in a warmer climate or your skin is naturally oily, you may need to be more diligent about exfoliate two or three times a week to accommodate more buildup of dead skin cells.

2. Wash face

A clean face will make it easier for ingredients from other skin care products to be absorbed more optimally. Dr. Day, a Manhattan dermatologist who practices at Wall Street Dermatology, quoted from the Huffington Post, advises you to wash your face with cleansing soap that specifically targets your skin problems.

For example if you have dry or sensitive skin types, choose a creamy, non-foaming facial cleansing soap, also fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. Then wash with lukewarm water. Water that is too hot will dry out the skin, while if it is too cold, the dirt that sticks to the face may not completely fall out and actually close the pores.

3. Toner

You can continue by rubbing your face using cotton soaked in toner for a more optimal facial cleansing. Toner is a water based liquid with consistency like vinegar which contains active ingredients to help overcome certain problems.

"Not only can you remove dirt such as oil and make-up remnants, toner also soothes, improves and smoothes the skin surface, also reduces stains and minimizes inflammation or redness of the skin," said Joel Schlessinger, MD /p>

4. Face mask

There are various facial masks that target a variety of needs - from opening clogged pores to smoothing wrinkles.

Face masks are actually not mandatory as long as you adhere to a solid and consistent night skincare routine. Even so, a face mask is also useful for opening the pore so that the active ingredients penetrate and easily absorb into the skin. "Some masks also include aromatherapy, so it's enough to provide the calming sensation you need to sleep well," Dr. Day.

Wait 5-10 minutes for the remaining mask material that may still be attached to the skin to really seep into

5. Facial Serum

After washing your face /removing the face mask, pat your face with a soft clean cloth to dry and apply a facial serum. A bottle of serum contains a number of active ingredients, from vitamins to antioxidants, which specifically target more specific skin issues - for example encouraging skin regeneration, brightening, fighting wrinkles, zits, black spots and hyperpigmentation, or uneven facial tones. The active ingredient in the serum is able to penetrate into the deepest part of the skin faster, easier and more efficiently than ordinary facial moisturizers.

Apply to the naked face so that the active ingredients directly stick to and seep into the skin, allowing them to work better. Be sure to avoid the area around the eyes, the corners of the mouth. and nasal folds. Wait for about 10 minutes until the remaining serum ingredients that may still be attached to the skin really seep into

6. Eye cream

Incorporating eye creams into your night beauty routine is one simple way to maintain a youthful facial appearance. Eye cream has a lighter texture than facial moisturizer, specifically works to protect and hydrate the skin around the smooth eyes. Eye creams are formulated with caffeine, which reduces swelling, and niacinamide, which increases water content, keeps the skin from drying out and prevents wrinkles. Apply a little cream directly to the eye area using your ring finger and pat gently until the ingredients are absorbed into the skin.

Wait 3-5 minutes until the remaining eye cream ingredients that may still be attached to the skin really seep in.

7. Night cream

Facial serum and eye cream products that contain retinoids, especially those that require a doctor's prescription, often drying out the skin. Therefore, continue your night skincare routine with a facial moisturizer or night cream. Apply facial moisturizer evenly to the entire face and neck, and massage until all ingredients are absorbed.

When looking for night facial moisturizers, Dr. Day recommends looking for products that contain antioxidants, peptides, and vitamins C and A to help repair the damage you experience during the day.

After completing the night skincare series, don't forget to make sure you get enough sleep so that the skin can work more optimally in maintaining its health.

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