Guide to Doing Fast Food Combining

Guide to Doing Fast Food Combining

Guide to Doing Fast Food Combining


Guide to Doing Fast Food Combining

Have you ever heard about food combining? The principle of eating is to make food easier for the body to digest and provide optimal results for health. Combining food is believed to help you lose weight, prevent digestive problems, and have an impact on overall health. You can do food combining anytime, you can even try it in the fasting month. How to do food combining during fasting?

What is food combining?

Food combining is the principle of eating by combining certain foods so that the food can be digested properly. This principle categorizes food into groups of acid, alkaline and neutral.

The body digests these food groups in different ways, so it cannot be arbitrary in combining food for consumption. Incorrectly combining food for consumption can cause these foods difficult to digest the body and have a negative impact on health, according to food combining.

There are four food groups in food combining, namely carbohydrates, protein, vegetables, and fruits. Usually the rules applied in food combining are:

  • Fruit can only be eaten alone, cannot be combined with other food groups
  • Vegetables can only be combined with protein
  • Carbohydrates cannot be combined with animal protein
  • Proteins can only be eaten in one type, cannot combine different types of proteins in one meal

How do you do food combining during fasting?

Doing food combining when fasting is actually almost the same as that done in normal months. It's just that your meal time is different, you can only eat when breaking fast and sahur.

Break fast menu for food combining

When breaking fast, you may need to eat food for some time. First, shortly after breaking fast, you need to drink sweet drinks to replace the body's energy lost during fasting. Besides sweet drinks, you can also consume dates. Or, you can also eat ice fruit (don't mix milk), it must be refreshing and can give you energy.

After tarawih prayer, you can continue your meal time again. Well, at this time you can eat big with a menu consisting of carbohydrates, vegetables, and vegetable protein or vegetables and protein. For example:

  • Menu 1 : brown rice, spinach, tofu and bacem tempeh
  • Menu 2 : brown rice, capcay filled with vegetables, fried tofu-tempeh, fresh vegetables, and chili sauce
  • Menu 3 : steak meat with sauteed carrots, beans and corn
  • Menu 4 : grilled chicken with spinach, carrots and mushrooms

One more thing that must be done in food combining is to chew food slowly. This is so that the body only needs a little energy to digest the food.

Sahur menu for food combining

Sahur can be likened to breakfast in ordinary months. For the sahur menu in food combining, you can only eat fruits. However, if you don't feel full enough, you can eat vegetables with protein.

Vegetables with protein together can provide a longer feeling of fullness, thus helping you withstand hunger until the time of breaking the fast. Eat fruit first at dawn. Give pause some time before you continue to eat other foods.

Example of the sahur menu for fasting food combining is:

  • Menu 1 : fruit salad, consisting of apples, papaya, mango, melon, and cantaloupe
  • Menu 2 : banana, then proceed with eating a vegetable salad, consisting of lettuce, carrots, beans, corn, cabbage, chicken and eggs

Don't forget to drink plenty of water at dawn to maintain your body's hydration during fasting times. Water is also important to help the body digest the food you eat. You may need to drink at least 2-3 glasses of water at dawn.

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